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18th-22nd January Click here for work!

Friday 22nd January


We start today by sharpening up your brains with some spelling and times table work.


Firstly practise this week's spelling again using any of the non-computer methods.  Here are a few ideas in case you have forgotten:-



I have attached a 100 square and would like you to do a times table test like you would in the classroom against the clock.



ZOOM maths session this morning on fractions, decimals and a bit more long division for half an hour.  For anyone who needs a bit of help with any of these.  This is optional.


Time: Jan 22, 2021 09:30 AM London

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PE with Joe Wicks at 9am for 20 minutes

Spr6.3.4 - Fractions to percentages

This is "Spr6.3.4 - Fractions to percentages" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

RE - Lesson 5 Where do Christians Worship?


This is a very interesting lesson on churches and cathedrals.  Our closest cathedral is Salisbury Cathedral, which has some fascinating contents and history.  Your task after watching this video is to do some research on Salisbury Cathedral and create a quiz about it.   Your quiz should contain at least 5 questions (and you need to know the answers!).  You can lay this out any way you like.


 If you don't know where to start go to the Salisbury Cathedral website


You can go on a virtual chorister tour or an art tour.

Spelling Shed


Target your homophones today on Spelling Shed.  You can choose this from the lists under Scheme.  The word "ailse" came up today in the bubble and no-one got it right!




Reading your own chapter book for 20 minutes and then listen to the next chapter of The Last Wild.



I would like you to develop your drawing skills by working on showing light and shadow.  There is a lovely youtube clip on how to do it and I have attached some examples.  Any fruit or vegetable will do!




Drawing shadows (& fruit) with Paolo Morrone

Teaching kids of all ages how to draw shadows on fruit.

Have a lovely weekend.  See you all on Monday at the class Zoom at 11am.

Thursday 22nd January


Exciting message!!!   We will be starting whole class guided reading over Zoom from next week, which means I need to get a book to you.  I have ready here a pack for each of you with Ninja Maths, Personal Targets, the next TfW booklet and a brand new copy of Secrets of a Sun King.  If you could walk down to school and knock on the Year 5 door, which is where I am today and tomorrow, we can hand you the pack.  If you can't collect by Tuesday next week, I will walk around Blandford dropping them off.


Thank you for the edited stories coming in.  I am about to upload an absolute feast of learning and have received some very encouraging arithmetic paper scores in: people scoring in the high 20s and 30s, which definitely wasn't happening last term.  YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.  


 Please continue to send them in so that I can give some group feedback tomorrow.    Tomorrow (Friday 9.30am)  there will be another 30 minute maths Zoom for those who want to do some more work, particularly on problem solving, llong divison and fractions recap work.


Today we have some grammar work on tenses and another written reading comprehension for your English work.  The next chapter of The Last Wild will also be on the tab.


Spelling Shed  

Let's get your brains in an English kind of mood with 20 minutes on Spelling Shed this morning.  As usual, pick either the 3/4 list of the 5/6 list.  I will try and set up a Hive game at 8.45am for you to join remotely.

GPAS then Reading Comprehension

Spr6.3.3 - Understand percentages

This is "Spr6.3.3 - Understand percentages" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

TTRS at 12 noon - rock slam me!


Read theory  - 20 minutes



Now you have your own Charanga login, which you wrote down at the Zoom on Monday (Your initial capital followed by surname with initial capital usually and class password is Torak) go onto Charanga and do Lesson 2 in the New Year carol unit.     Link below for access to Charanga.



Wednesday 20th January 2021

Mental Maths

Start the day with 30 minutes of mental maths on any of the maths online games under the Maths sub-pages or try the 2 below. 

PE with Joe Wicks at 9am


Today's lesson is editing and improving your finished story.  This is in 2 parts:  the first part is to read and correct any speech punctuation, capital letters in the wrong place and spellings.  This will take you 10 minutes to carefully read through.  I would expect you all to be able to find at least 7 things to correct at this stage.


The 2nd part is to choose a paragraph, any paragraph apart from the first one.  This is the paragraph you are going to completely improve.  


1. Start with words.  Can you use a dictionary to find a more adventure synonym?  So instead of scary you could use terrifying.  Try and change 5 words for better ones.

2.  Now think about length of sentences.  Can you drop in a short sentence to build atmosphere?

3.  Could you add in a semi-colon, a colon or a pair of dashes and add in some extra information or an embedded clause?

4.  Finally, can you add 3 more sentences to that paragraph that would show how the characters were feeling?


Now, copy up just that one improved paragraph in your best handwriting (not typed) as I know that you handwriting will be suffering in Lockdown!


Maths -


Here is an arithmetic paper.  It is paper 3 and the answers are on the final page.  You should allow yourself 40 minutes to complete it and you can write the answers onto paper.  There is no need to print this out, as it is several pages because of the grid boxes for working out.  (No Ninja Maths today)


I have set 2 short tests on Direct Speech Punctuation for you all.



Please spend 30 minutes reading a chapter book - even better if some of this is aloud to somebody, so you are reading loudly and clearly.



(If you are working on an ipad/tablet you will not be able to do the task at the end of this lesson. You will be able to follow the first part of the lesson and then at the end, you should get familiar with iMovie program and make a stop/go animation within it on your ipad.)


We continue learning about Spreadsheets. We would advise you to complete this lesson on a desktop/laptop device as you need to download and interact with additional files as part of the learning. These can be downloaded from the last slide of the worksheet. You should always ask your parent or carer for permission before downloading files from the internet.


Your PSHE today is to read Picture News, which you can find on the separate tab by all the Class Pages.  Read all of the documents for Picture News for 18th January and then discuss these-


Did you take part in ‘Clap for Carers’ or ‘Clap for Heroes’? If so, what was it like taking part?

As the ‘Claps for Heroes’ initiative thanks many different roles, can you think of those who may have helped you and your family during this time?

Can you think of a way to thank them?

The Last Wild Chapter 6 is available today

Look under the new subpage.

Tuesday 19th January 2021


If you are stuck on Long Division, or would like some more practice and support, please join me for half an hour this morning.  This is optional and will not be the whole class.  You will need pen and paper ready.


Topic: Y6 Recap on Long Division
Time: Jan 19, 2021 09:30 AM London


Meeting ID: 818 6690 5821
Passcode: eKk7PL



As I am trying to avoid you needing a laptop all day, today's grammar work is from your CGP 10 minute SATS buster books.  The last test you did (for most of you) was C3 over the Christmas holidays.


Please find test C4 and complete it all - don't just spend 10 minutes on it and aim for full marks.  If you need to look things up on Google if you have forgotten what they are, then do so, so that you are learning as you do these.




Today you will need to spend another 40 minutes finishing your story.  At this stage, it is a rough version and I can see from those that have been sent in, a few comma splices and places where much more description could be added.


For today, finish writing your story, then read it through critically to check it makes sense.  Tomorrow we will be doing some very serious editing in blue pen.



I love French!  I also love hearing you using your French accents, so we are continuing with the work from Oak National Academy on describing people and using the verb "to be" in French.  There is a lot of focus on pronunciation today, so I can't wait to be able to teach you French again.

The Last Wild Chapter 5 is available today

Look under the new subpage.


We continue with our unit on Humans and Animals over Time.  Last week, you created some great story strips and explanations of how fossils are formed.  This lesson will build on the work on Animal Kingdoms from last term.

Readtheory and Spelling Shed


When I say 20 minutes on Readtheory I mean 20 minutes!  You're looking for that colour bar to show that you are working at a higher level than your initial test.


On Spelling Shed please work on your year 5/6 word list for 15 minutes.

Collective Worship


There is a collective worshp led by Mrs Beaver on the Class Pages home page now.  It is under the cross icon.

Monday 18th January


Well good morning!  Looking forward to seeing you all at the class Zoom at 11am. Just click on the hyperlink below in blue.  I will be doing a bit of teaching maths, feeding back on your English work so far and then, of course, Mrs Dolman will be reading another chapter of The Last Wild.  If you haven't been listening to our Youtube recordings, click back on them from last week and listen, so that you know what is going on!


Anne Newlin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Year 6 Weekly zoom teaching
Time: Jan 18, 2021 11:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 852 2251 6805
Passcode: fiBs55


Great effort so far - I have had work in from 21 of you and can find your digital trail (TTRS/Spelling Shed/Charanga/readtheory) for 21 of you also.


Spellings, Handwriting & Spelling Test

Our Mondays always start the same:

1. New spellings to copy up and practise your handwriting at the same time. 

2. Then write one sentence using each word in context.

3. Finally go onto Spelling Shed and do the test based on last week's words.  The alternative is to ask an adult to test you on them at home.



Spr6.3.1 - Fractions to decimals (2)

This is "Spr6.3.1 - Fractions to decimals (2)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


It would be best to start English after you have had a break and allow yourself 45 minutes of writing, in 2 sections.  You are writing your suspense story which you have planned.   Before you start:


1.  Look back at the toolkit: building the atmosphere, showing not telling, using speech that moves the story on.

2.  Read through your plan and think how you are going to expand each section.

3. Set a timer and write for 25 minutes - aim to get your opening paragraph and the next 2 done.

4. Have a break, then re-read your plan and your 3 paragraphs, then finish your story.


Tomorrow the editing and improving begins, as long as you have written at least a page. 

TT Rockstar

20 minutes on TTRS.  I can see that last week some people really put the work in and spent 25 minutes in some cases.  Willow got her speed below 1.5seconds through extra practice.  


Remember to rockslam me (but I can't beat Calum yet!)




  1. Oak National Academy history lesson on Ancient Greece.  Lesson 2 on Why do we know so much about Ancient Greece?


  • You will learn many great new words, such as mandatory, polytheism and philosophy. 
  • You will find out who Herodotus, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato were.
  • Lots of people who figured in our class story last term will be mentioned, such as Zeus!

There are small tasks throughout the lesson.  Please write these down, not just say them out loud, especially the Summarise task at the end.

  1. Now for the fun bit: you are going to research the story of the Minotaur from Greek mythology.  Just like you researched the Trojan Horse last week.  Here are 2 links you could use

Theseus and the Minotaur | Ancient Greek Mythology Stories | - YouTube
  1. Now make your learning stick by either creating a Powerpoint to tell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, or create a story strip of pictures with a short paragraph under each one.