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Blandford St Mary

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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

1st - 5th February

Friday 5th February

Good morning lovely children! 

Last night I received this picture from Leo in honour of Sir Tom Moore and I was so impressed I had to share it with you all!


I am going to put a Sir Tom Moore tab on our page next week to collect all the picture you draw so we can look at them through out next week laugh

I have put Chapters 6 and 7 of The Land of Roar onto our tab today and will put Chapters 9 and 10 up tomorrow for you to listen to over the weekend.


Would you rather turn invisible or be very strong?


I would be invisible so I could:

Sneak up on people and get up to mischief like stealing sweets or pulling the fire alarm!

Sneak up on people!

I would be both so I could:

Be the best at football!

Thursday 4th February

Good morning wonderful children! 

Leo has a fantastic would you rather... question for you all:

Would you rather turn invisible or be very strong?

Send your answers to our class email and I will post them up here tomorrow!

I would rather be able to turn invisible because I am super nosey! 


Today we have our Drop in Reading Zoom. If you would like to drop in and read me some pages of your book from home please do! I would love to hear you read! You do not have to stay for entire session, you can pop in read your book and go or stay for a little while and listen to your friends. This is a completely optional Zoom.

I will be the only school adult so the Zoom session will be recorded and stored on the school system, it will not be used for anything else. 


It is 10 am - 10:45am - see you there!

Meeting ID: 933 9948 3382
Passcode: ZVh8vc


Wednesday 3rd February 


I am so excited to see all your faces today laugh

We are going to play Bingo on our Zoom this morning. I've put some colourful bingo grids below you could print out before our Zoom or you can just draw a grid with 6 boxes. If we play more that one game we can easily draw another grid!

Our second game on Zoom will be Would you rather... See if you can think of some of your own! Here is an example: Would you rather have a house made of spaghetti or a house made of ice? 


See you at 11am!

Meeting ID: 912 3091 4796
Passcode: RiFKs3

Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning! 

I hope you are all staying happy and healthy at home heart

Unfortunately our Zoom won't be able to go ahead this morning as we have no internet at school! I have rescheduled the Reading Drop in Zoom for Thursday at 10am - 10:30am. 

I can't wait to hear you all read! 

Miss Hook

Monday 1st February 

Good morning wonderful children!

This week is Children's Mental Health Awareness week. I tell you a little bit more about it in our Daily Letter. There will be activities this week all about expressing your marvellous selves!

When you watch the Worship today you'll hear about an amazing and generous thing someone in our class has done! 

Remember to check the Extreme Reading Challenge, Work Sent In and Fun @ Home tabs to see what your friends have been up to from Friday laugh

Have a lovely day, 

Miss Hook