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25th-29th January Click here for work!

Friday 29th January




Today I would like you to spend half an hour on Numbots when you start work to see if you can shift up a level or 2.  There are 18 stages in NumBots' Story Mode:

  1. Rust
  2. Iron
  3. Tin
  4. Brass
  5. Copper
  6. Steel
  7. Chrome
  8. Glass
  9. Tungsten
  10. Aluminium
  11. Kevlar
  12. Carbon Fibre
  13. Titanium
  14. Bronze
  15. Silver
  16. Gold
  17. Platinum
  18. Diamond                                                                                                                                           Our current highest place is on Glass, but most people are on Brass or Copper.  Numbots will automatically move you up until you are at a challenging level, so I have laid the challenge down for you today!


Joe Wicks PE at 9am


RE - What are the Christian celebrations?

After you have followed this lesson through, I would like you to do some research on the colours used in Christian churches for the seasons of the year, so you can answer this question, "What colours are used throughout the church year and what do they symbolise?"


You may put this together as a powerpoint or a Word document.   Links below to use:-



Personal Targets - please also do a Personal Targets 5 minute test and mark it from the answers in the back.  Remember if you have 3 tests completely correct in a  section, find a harder section.

Spr6.4.4 - Percentages - missing values

This is "Spr6.4.4 - Percentages - missing values" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

If you found that straightforward and finished in good time, try the extension task below.  If you struggled a bit try the less hard sheet below.

Reading /Secrets of a Sun King


Please re-read chapter 1 and chapter 2 up to page 16 and then answer these questions:-



For art today, I am going to direct you to Darrell Wakelam website, which is full of art and DT ideas you can do at home and I am going to give you free choice, to relax and get creative with recycling and making.  Personally I love the egg box monkey.

Thursday 28th January


Please can you send me each week at least 1 piece of English or maths work?  Also, please contact me if you are struggling with maths, so that I can do small group Zoom maths as needed.


Spelling Shed


I have set 2 assignments on suffixes, except if you have Nessy, when you should go on that instead.

Guided reading by Zoom - next session today 9.30am Thursday 28th January for 30 minutes.


Time: Jan 28, 2021 09:30 AM 

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on the link below.  You need to have read chapter 1 first, which we did yesterday.

Meeting ID: 895 9293 9561
Passcode: ckdR1g


After this week, we will be having Zooms on Monday at 11am, Weds 10am and Friday 10am.


English - Professor Behemoth's Monsterology


We start a new Talk for Writing unit today, which is all in the Monsters booklet which you all have received with your guided reading book pack. 


1.    Read the introduction on page 3 and listen to the online version on the link.

2.    Your turn now - read it aloud through as if you are performing it.  Record yourself doing it and listen to yourself.  You could even send me the recording as an mp3 or mp4.

3.    Now underline any words on the text that you are not sure of the meaning of.

4.    Now complete Activity 1 in the booklet.

5.    Now check the words you underlined - are there any you need to look up a definition for?  Do this and make a list of these to use in your own writing later on next week.



Spr6.4.3 - Percentage of an amount (2)

This is "Spr6.4.3 - Percentage of an amount (2)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

TTRS at 12 noon - rock slam me!


Read theory  - 20 minutes



Last week, I could see that 13 of you completed the Charanga lesson, which is just brilliant and shows your diligence.  Let's see if we can get that higher this time.


House Points to Taylor, Rhys, Olivia-Rose and May who haven't missed a Charanga week yet.  Well done.  You are my WAGOLLS.


Charanga login, which you wrote down at the Zoom on Monday (Your initial capital followed by surname with initial capital usually and class password is Torak) go onto Charanga and do Lesson 3 in the New Year carol unit.     Link below for access to Charanga.



Art Opportunity


Blandford Parish Church has been incredibly kind to us and given us a cheque for £500 to buy IT equipment to support remote learning.  I know there are some amazing artists in my class, so would one of you be able to design a thank you card or poster, that incorporates an image from Open The Book (so any bible story) and computers/technology?  If you can, send it to me, so we can properly show our gratitude for their generosity.  Try and get a really clear, close-up picture of it to send.  Generosity is our value this half of term.

Collective Worship


Look under the cross sub-page for today's worship from Carolyn.

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Mental Maths


Start the day with 15 minutes of mental maths on TT Rock Stars and then 15 minutes on these two maths games below.




PE with Joe Wicks at 9am




Today's lesson is Reading Comprehension.



Whole Class Guided Reading Zoom lesson


We will be having guided reading of Secrets of a Sun King over Zoom today at 10am.  you will need your brand new copy of the book Secrets of a Sun King and be able to read clearly into a microphone.

Topic: Year 6 guided reading lesson
Time: Jan 27, 2021 10:00 AM London

Meeting ID: 816 5741 6106
Passcode: m1z9ry

Ninja Maths


Now you all have your Ninja Maths booklets, we can go back to the next test we needed to do in there which was Week 3, number 3.    Answers below.

Spr6.4.2 - Percentage of an amount (1)

This is "Spr6.4.2 - Percentage of an amount (1)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Extension maths requiring explanations using mathematical language



Please spend 30 minutes reading a chapter book - even better if some of this is aloud to somebody, so you are reading loudly and clearly.  Remember to log your reading in your diaries so I can give you house points when we are back in school.




(If you are working on an ipad/tablet you will not be able to do the task at the end of this lesson. You will be able to follow the first part of the lesson and then at the end, you should continue with iMovie program and the animation you started last week on your ipad.)


We continue learning about Spreadsheets. We would advise you to complete this lesson on a desktop/laptop device as you need to download and interact with additional files as part of the learning. These can be downloaded from the last slide of the worksheet. You should always ask your parent or carer for permission before downloading files from the internet.






Your PSHE today is to read Picture News, which you can find on the separate tab by all the Class Pages.  Read all of the documents for Picture News for 25th January and then choose one of the learning from home tasks under that tab.

Tuesday 26th January 2021


We will be starting our guided reading of Secrets of The Sun King tomorrow on Zoom at 10am for half an hour and again on Thursday at 9.30am.  Usually it will be a Friday at 10am, not a Thursday.  So our regular Zooms wll be Monday 11am, Weds 10am and Friday 10am (but not Friday this week!)




My apologies - you have now finished your CGP Grammar Book 1, so please go to instead.  I have set the apostrophes and plurals test you have done before - but only one person got 100% on it and it is a year 4 test!  Looking for lots more showing they have mastered this today.  



I know that you are all able to join your handwriting beautifully, so here is some practice.  Once you have copied this verse, find the rest of the poem on the internet and copy that as well.  I would love to display beautiful handwriting and could put the best in the February newsletter on our Year 6 Remote Learning page.  Even better if you could illustrate around your poem!





Today's task is a chance to describe a setting, as if it is the opening of a story.   Look at the picture prompt below and imagine you are describing the picture to someone who is blind.   I am looking for:


  • real wow words (no boring verbs!)
  • expanded noun phrases with commas between the adjectives
  • detailed descriptions that make me want to read on
  • correctly used semi-colon, colon and brackets/dashes





I love French!  I also love hearing you using your French accents, so we are continuing with the work from Oak National Academy on describing people and using the verb "to be" in French.  There is a lot of focus on pronunciation today, so I can't wait to be able to teach you French again.



Spr6.4.1 - Order FDP

This is "Spr6.4.1 - Order FDP" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



We continue with our unit on Humans and Animals over Time.  Last week, you recapped on the the work on Animal Kingdoms from last term.


  • Science Lesson 4 from Oak National Academy "Humans and Animals Over Time"


Readtheory and Spelling Shed or Nessy


When I say 20 minutes on Readtheory I mean 20 minutes!  You're looking for that colour bar to show that you are working at a higher level than your initial test.


On Spelling Shed please work on your year 5/6 word list for 15 minutes.  If you have Nessy please go on it:   Those 3 lucky enough to have Nessy need to try and do some every day and you can always substitute it for readtheory or spelling shed.


Collective Worship


There is a collective worship led by Open The Book under the cross icon.  It is called "I can see".  Just click the link.

Monday 25th January


Welcome to another week after a very exciting snow day yesterday!  Please send me your snow photos if you have any.  


First a brief announcement: due to the copyright restrictions about recording The Last Wild, we can no longer put chapters on the blog for you.  We are allowed to read aloud live, as long as we don't record it.  You can find out more information here and when we have finished reading The Last Wild as part of our class  Zooms, you can listen to the sequel read by the author himself on the link above.


Class Zoom at 11am today. 

Link below

Time: Jan 25, 2021 11:00 AM London

Meeting ID: 878 8196 4858
Passcode: 8Uyffv



Spellings, Handwriting & Spelling Test


Our Mondays always start the same:


1. New spellings to copy up and practise your handwriting at the same time. 

2. Then write one sentence using each word in context.

3. Finally go onto Spelling Shed and do the test based on last week's words.  The alternative is to ask an adult to test you on them at home.


Spr6.3.5 - Equivalent FDP

This is "Spr6.3.5 - Equivalent FDP" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


1.   Read the attached document above, which is a model text discussion based on Sandy Cove.  A discussion is different to a balanced argument: you have to discuss, not argue for one side or the other.  2.  Once you have read it through, make a list of all the conjunctions and language features which make it sound like a,   should they have/we all agree/some people believe.


3.  Once you have made your list, then think of 2 reasons against and 2 reasons for keeping things you find. 

4.  Now put your ideas into a short page of writing, using the conjunctions you have listed.  Your  discussion piece should have this title, "Finders Keepers - is this a good saying?"


TT Rockstar


20 minutes on TTRS. 


Remember to rockslam me.




  1. Oak National Academy history lesson on Ancient Greece.  Lesson 3 on What was the Golden Age of  Greece?


  • You will learn many great new words, such as truce and the origin of the word democracy. 
  • You will find out where and when the first Olympics took place.


There are small tasks throughout the lesson.  Please write these down, not just say them out loud: if you do this lesson properly it will take about 40 minutes.


No written task today as there is a quiz at the end of the lesson, but for an extension you could research the following gods: Zeus and Athena.




Collective Worship


Mrs Beaver has put a collective worship in the worship folder today.  Please watch this, as we will do some work in response to it tomorrow.