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5-8th January Click here for work!



Friday 8th January 2021 


Good morning!   

Great to see so many of you completing quizzes on readtheory.  Several of you moved up levels this week, so I am giving house points to Hannah, Hubert, Luca, Finley, Zac, Willow and Michael.

On TTRS a house point to Hubert, Finley, Damien and Olivia for more than 10 minutes on tables.

The music lesson seems to have been popular – great to hear that from May and Luca.



Firstly mark your Ninja Maths and Problem of the Day from yesterday.  Then there is another Fluent in Five, a White Rose maths sheets and another Problem of the Day for today.  The probem of the day is really an extension or greater depth challenge for the more able.






Today is a Spelling shed practice day.  I have set this week's spellings as an assignment and also some other words you have done in previous tests.  Once those are done tackle the statutory word lists.  Spend 15 minutes in total on Spelling Shed.





I would like to see 15 minutes from each of you on TTRS tomorrow - let's see how many can get to Rock Hero during lockdown!



We always do RE for literacy on a Friday, so I have selected the Oak Academy unit on Christianity.  I think you understand enough of this unit to start at lesson 3, about the Parables of Jesus.



We are starting a unit on the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.  First watch the 4 minute clip which introduces her:-

Can you answer these questions:-


Where and when did she live?

What is she most famous for?

Name 3 different types of her paintings.

What type of art is this type of painting called?

The clip says "she focuses on elimination and emphasis".  What do you think that means in her art?


Finally, follow this tutorial along and have a go!


I really would love to see these.  I know you won't have pastels or watercolours at home, but crayons or any paints will do, as long as you can find different shades of a colour.




Thursday 7th January 2021 - Home Learning



Today's task is to box up Sandy Cove.  Please do not look at the TfW booklet as the answer is in there!  I want to see how you would box up Sandy Cove yourself.  There is a template to use below.  Look for words that you can magpie.

Grammar (Word Classes)


Some teaching and a quiz on word classes today for you.


TT Rock Stars/Spelling Shed/Read theory

(or Nessy if you have it)  15 minutes on each



Some great activities on pulse and rhythm to join in with.




Hopefully you have downloaded your Getset4PE Active Calendar


Now choose some of the activities from the huge list and have a go, or join in with Joe Wicks, or go for a brisk walk for 45 minutes.  Staying active will make you feel better and keep you warm.  The best way to protect your mental health is to protect your physical health!

KS2 problem of the Day & Fluent in 5 Answers for yesterday,


1. 4 friends x £3.80 each + Mo x £5.20 each.

4 x £3.80 = £15.20 + £5.20 = £20.40.

The meal cost £20.40 in total


2. 1/16 of the shape is shaded in total


3.  To find 1/5 of 30 divide by 5.  1/5 = 6 litres, therefore 3/5 = 3 x 6 litres = 18 litres.

The tank needs another 12 litres to fill it.

Wednesday 6th January 2021


If you look at the timetable on the home page, you will see that subjects are colour coded into green (must do), orange (should do) and yellow (could do).   This is the order of priority for you each day.





We start a new Talk for Writing unit and will be writing a suspense story.  For today, your task is to listen to the model text and then story map it, as it explains in Activity 1.  You will need to listen to it twice and read it through a few times, until you can remember the story  Then storymap it and colour the map in.  I would love to see your storymaps - send them in to


Spellings to learn for 11th January  2021


Practise each word by using look/cover/write/check  and then use it correctly in a sentence as in the example below.


tough  - The cardboard was tough to cut through.










Read theory


Please spend 20 minutes on Read Theory - this replaces Whole Class Guided Reading today.




We will be following the Oak Academy plan of teaching for this unit on Humans & Animals over time.  For today please do Lesson 1  What is the Theory of Evolution?




This lesson is all about describing people and using the verb "to be" in French. Listen and repeat!






Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good morning Year 6!    Check back later in the day for a more detailed timetable of lessons and learning, but for starters this morning:


  • Make sure you have done and marked the homework that you should have for today!  You can check the numbers by looking under the Homework tab further down.
  • Go on to Spelling Shed and test yourself on either the year 3 & 4 statutory list (if that is the one Mrs Dolman has been writing into your planners) or the year 5 & 6 statutory list.  Wouldn't it be amazing if you all came back in February able to spell all of those words!  Happy teacher!
  • Have a look at the first video and then try the worksheet in the White Rose Decimals series of maths.  You can find these under the Home Learning star below and then all the White Rose maths resources are listed.
  • Go onto Readtheory and spend half an hour on reading comprehension.  I will have a look at the scores later and award some virtual house points through this blog!
  • Send me greetings through