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5th March

Last Day of Remote Learning!!


Hooray!   It was great to see you dressed up yesterday and to have fun with the WBD quiz.  If you haven't had a go at guessing the Masked Reader, then go and have a look.  Today is the last day of so much laptop use - we will be using laptops as little as possible next week at school.


Why not gather these things together ready for Monday today?


  • School uniform, especially green jumper/cardigan
  • Hair ties for typing back hair (girls generally!)
  • Your copy of Secrets of a Sun King
  • Maths Ninjas booklet
  • Personal Targets booklet
  • Your diary, signed for any reading you have done
  • Your homework books
  • Any ipad or laptop that we have loaned you for lockdown needs to be returned to school.
  • Your current reading book

If you have any of the following at home, we need them for art and science:- kitchen roll tubes/wrapping paper tubes and empty clear 1L/1.5L/2L plastic bottles (so we can make fake blood in science).




20 minutes.  Last chance to move up a level and earn a certificate for the back of your maths books!


Rust - Iron - Tin - Brass - Copper - Steel - Chrome - Glass - Tungsten - Aluminium - Kevlar - Carbon Fibre - Titanium - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond


PE with Joe Wicks


9am on Youtube.  Best to start getting fitter now before Monday and going to bed at a sensible time!  



If you are able to get onto letterjoin, there is another dictation exercise to listen to and write down.  Pause it as often as you need to, to write it down, but try and write more quickly but still neatly.  This one will test your ability to punctuate speech.


I have made logging in simpler:           then   to sign in:


As a pupil with a laptop:  Username ak7080   Password: home

As a pupil with a tablet: Username: ak7080  swipecode is a capital L


then under the Resources/Dictation/KS2  do the dictation on .Hansel and Gretel eat cake


If you can't access letterjoin, then copy out the poem, which is attached here:-




Please read chapter 10 as far as p120.  Your task today is to write the letter that the headmistress, Mrs Emerson-Jones has written to Lilian's father, after she has punished Lilian for fighting.  The letter is mentioned on page 118



Spr6.8.5 - Area of a triangle (3)

This is "Spr6.8.5 - Area of a triangle (3)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Spelling Shed


Last chance to practise before Monday.



If you still need to work on your picture book theatres and want to bring them to school, please do that this afternoon.

I thought you might like a last bit of Draw with Rob Biddulph today and flamingos made me think of summer coming.



#DrawWithRob 33 Flamingo

✏️ARE YOU READY TO DRAW? Here's another #DrawWithRob film for you to watch with your little/big ones. Today we are drawing a flamingo. All you need is a piec...