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A week in BFG Base

Enterprise Week 2020


This week we have had a visit from race car driver Mike Wilds where he discussed with the children following their dreams however big they may be! With our visit from physiotherapist Mrs Mills the children strapped each others fingers and took part in a quiz!

During the week the children worked so hard to create some fantastic products to sell. They made hanging hearts, ninja stress balls and no-sew bunny rabbits! They also created a very persusasive, beautifully presented ninja stress ball leaflet!

Below are some of the amazing products the children created:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

World Book Day!


Year 3 celebrated World Book Day by creating our own book tokens to enter into the national competition, designing our characters bedrooms, watching a clip of Alice in Wonderland and using fantastic language to describe the portal and the new world and many more creative, book filled activities! They also designed and created the most amazing book cover for our door. We all wanted to base our door cover on our current novel we are reading: 'The Land of Roar'! It turned out absolutely breath-taking and is definitely some of our best art work yet!

Below you can see some of the wonderful costumes the children came in to celebrate World Book Day!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Fossil hunting at Charmouth. 28th February


On Friday, a very excitable Year 3 went to Charmouth for the day. The weather was predicted to be very windy and rainy so we didn't think we would make it out on to the beach to do some real fossil hunting. However, the wind blew the rain away and we managed to have around 45 minutes on the beach finding some fantastic fossils! The children had laser vision and found so many fossils most of them struggled to carry their bags back to the coach! It was a wonderful day and our lovely wardens Dan, Anna and Joe were very impressed with the fantastic behaviour from Year 3 and even said they were a 'credit to the school' and 'welcome back any time'! Well done Year 3!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
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Picture 25
Picture 26

Monday 10th February


Today we went to Year 6 to show off their amazing explanation texts they have been writing. The Year 6's were blown away with the quality of our work! The Year 6's described our work as: 

'pen worthy' 


'neat enough to be Year 6 work' 

'fantastic adjectives' 

'budding artists'


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

3rd February - 7th February


Wow! What a fantastic week in Year 3!

The English work the children have produced over the last two weeks has been fantastic. The presentation and attention to detail from every child really has blown myself, Mrs Newlin, Mrs Beaver and Mrs Hargreaves away! After our gallery walk with Year 6 on Monday there will be pictures of some of our amazing English work displayed on our blog for every one to see.

This week the children painted their volcanoes, there was a lot of discussion over what colour volcanoes actually are and how much lava needed to be painted on to make them look realistic. When the paint had dried we went out on to the play ground and erupted our volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, red food dye and washing up liquid. The eruptions were fantastic, however, unfortunately no volcanoes survived the catastrophic events and they were destroyed by the over flowing lava. 

Below are some videos and pictures of our volcanoes erupting!




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

4th February 2020
In Topic this term we have been leaning about the different layers of a volcano, how they erupt and where in the world they may be found. Today, the children in BFG Base made their own volcanoes out of clay ready to be painted later this week. The children are preparing their volcano ready for a scheduled eruption next week! 





27th January - 31st January


This week in BFG Base the children have been working hard on their explanation texts. The quality of work the children are producing is phenomenal! They have been working so hard to summarise information and write their own paragraphs and they still have somehow managed to make them engaging and interesting pieces of work! The adults in BFG Base are blown away at the linguistic skill the children have shown! 

In Topic we have been learning about volcanoes and even set off our own party popper volcano to explore how an eruption is caused by pressure building in the magma chamber. 

This week we also played the whole of our Biker Ben song on the recorder and it sounded fantastic!

Well done Year 3 for another fantastic week. 


20th - 24th January 2020


This week in BFG Base the children have been drawing, acting out and beginning to plan our non-fiction text following the journey of a pebble. They have been using the text 'The Pebble in my Pocket' to inspire their own illustrations and magpie-ing the amazing descriptive language ready for their writing next week. 

To make sure we really knew the text the children created their own mini drama piece for a section of the text, which you can see them practising below: 



This week we have also celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day by looking at some of his famous quotes and trying to apply them to our lives now. The children were all given a post it note to write their 'I have a dream...' for our world and came up with some beautiful suggestions that made us adults feel very proud. 

Lastly, we have had our first recorder session this week! The children were very excited to get their brand new rainbow recorders to learn the 'Billy on his bike' song. Hopefully, we will be able to show off our new found talents to everyone soon! 

Have a lovely weekend, 

Year 3. 

13th - 17th January 2020


What a busy week it has been! We have fully started our new topic all about fossils and rocks. The children started off making their own rock cycle using starbursts sweets. I'm not sure how tasty the startburst igneous rock tasted after its time in the microwave, but we were all very excited! 


On Friday, we have had a whole day of exploring, sketching, discovering and making fossils! 

We were lucky enough to have a fossil box from Charmouth that we used to explore and draw many different fossils: ammonites, belenmites, an icythosaur's vertebrate, brachiopods and so many more! 

We then went on to order our own timeline of fossils to find the oldest fossil we had was 190 million years old! 


We then choreographed some drama to remember how fossils were made and wrote the process down in chronological order. The children came up with so many different small steps and were very impressive in own analytical they were! We then watched a clip on Mary Anning and researched about the most famous fossil collector of all time! 


Lastly, we excavated our own fossil out of ice and made our own fossil from string and tissue paper ready to be painted and displayed on our next blog! 



2nd - 6th December


This week we have been completing our PIRA and PUMA testing for reading, SPaG and Math. All the children have done incredibly well. They showed off all their fantastic knowledge and impressed both Mrs Hagreaves and myself! Well done Year 3!

This week we have also had our beautiful Christingle Service. The singing and prayers were very touching and made us all reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. The children made us feel very proud of their maturity and their reflective and insightful comments afterwards. 

Lastly, we must congratulate our fantastic Choir for all of their work in the community singing in various areas of Blandford St Mary! 


11th - 15th November


This week the BFG base started with a Remembrance Assembly where four children read out the acrostic poem we wrote together for our friends and family. 



We have also been celebrating Friendship this week. To celebrate we drew cards for our friends in Year 1 and wrote encouraging and lovely messages in them. Lastly on Friday, we have been learning about Children in Need. We wrote prayers thanking God for how lucky we are and expressing our gratitude and asking God to help those less fortunate than we are. 


Somehow we have also managed to fit in a lot of learning too! We had our visit from Monkey World and learnt about the similarities and differences between us and primates. We have been using our times tables knowledge to problem solve. Finally, we have begun creating our own suspense stories, creating our characters and thinking about what they look like and their personalities. 

4th - 8th November 2019


What an incredibly busy first week back! The children have been working so hard from the moment they came in on Monday morning. They have all made the grown ups in BFG very proud with their respectful attitude and discussion on the run up to Remembrance ready for next week.


In Math we have been working on bar models which has really tested our brains and understanding of mathematical language. Perseverance has been key in our classroom this week as this has been a very tricky topic to tackle, especially on the first week back after a holiday!


In English we have been learning the text The Manor House, a suspense story which has us all perched on the edge of our seat! We have learnt the story and discussed the interesting vocabulary that we have been introduced to and are ready to think about creating our own stories!

21st - 25th October 2019


The last two weeks have been super busy and the children in the BFG Base have really been working as hard as they can to crack column subtraction and metal math! Theyhave been subtracting 3 digit numbers in their heads and the children could not believe they could do it! They had to use lots of perseverance to complete this learning objective but every child in the class could do it!

In English their fantastic letter writing, handwriting and persuasive techniques convinced Mrs Beaver to change her mind and allow the whole class to have an activity afternoon! In the activity afternoon they played games, went on the iPads, had a treasure hunt and created some fantastic master pieces using junk modelling, drawing and colouring! 

The children have all worked incredibly hard this half term and are definitely deserving of a relaxing and fun filled half term! 

7th October - 11th October


This week in Year 3 we have had a very busy five days. On Monday we went on our very rainy trip to Bryanston Woods to do some up close observational drawing and to squelch around in the mud! 

In English we have been learning the actions to a persuasive letter in preparation for our own letter to Mrs Beaver. The children have been fantastic at learning a long letter! 

In Maths we have moved on to subtraction and they have all excelled at our warm up lessons ready for regrouping next week. 

We have also been creating our Christmas cards ready for the Christmas Card Project. They are absolutely amazing and I'm sure all parents/carers will be very impressed! 

In Science we have been looking at the parts of a plant and their functions and the children could recall so much information from previous years! 

Another lovely week!

30th September - 4th October


This week in BFG Base the children have been entrepreneurs! We have been practicing the art of persuasion and writing some fantastic adverts to sell bikes, scooters, teddies, cakes and football boots. The adverts have been very convincing and moved on from please, please, please super quickly! 

Year 3 have been focusing on their presentation in Math this week and their work is unrecognisable. They have all been taking a lot of pride in how they set their books out. The focus has been column addition and we have very nearly nailed it which is amazing and they should be very proud!

In Art we have been looking at Georgia O'Keefe ready for our trip on Monday. Our class have praised Georgia O'Keefe on her perseverance with her artwork even after she lost her eye sight, which is incredibly inspiring. 

Once again another lovely week!

23rd - 27th September


This week in the BFG base we have been working extremely hard (as always!). On Monday we changed our classroom around and make our own model forest to sketch map. We also had art stations with paint, oil pastels, sketching and colouring pencils ad have created some fantastic works of art - ready to go up on the display board outside our classroom. 

In Maths this week we started by adding 10s to a number, warming our brains up ready for moving on to column addition. We drew on the tables and used all the resources in the room to make sure our knowledge was secure.


After we knew we could add on ones, tens and hundreds we moved on to column addition and the children have absolutely flown. Their presentation has been some of the best I've seen so far this year and there has been nothing but pink ticks! 

In English we have finished our Monkey see - Monkey do! imitation, innovation and invention cycle and the Hot Tasks were fantastic. The children have shown themselves to be very creative and inspiring authors. 

Lastly, we have had lots of discussion around our values this week. We have made ourselves little cheat sheets on how to show our values and gain those Ace Points, all whilst helping and caring for those in our class. 



16th - 19th September


This week the children have been absolutely fantastic and have adjusted to a slightly different timetable than normal. With our church service being at school instead and having Mrs Sherwood on a Wednesday instead of their normal Tuesday, but they have gone above and beyond to persevere in their learning and have respect for each other and the adults they have worked with this week. 

In French we have been learning how to 'Meet and Greet', learning how to say hello, ask how others are and give their names and find out the names of others.

During Maths we have moved on to addition, which has been putting our place value skills to the test, with lots of vocabulary to understand and values to remember the children have worked very hard and their efforts have definitely paid off in their written work.

For English we have begun writing our innovation for Monkey see - Monkey do! and they have gone brilliantly! The children have been using expanded noun phrases, time conjunctions and similes to bring their writing to life, I've been super impressed with them all. 


Maisie's opening paragraph

Maisie's opening paragraph 


Penny's opening paragraph 


Tia's opening paragraph 


Well done BFG Base for another week of wonderful work! 

9th - 13th September


Our first full week completed and I know we are all very tired! The children in the BFG Base have worked incredibly hard and have shown some real resilience and perseverance when it has come to our work. 


In Maths we have been looking at Place Value and number patterns. The children have been counting in 4's and 8's and filling in the missing numbers in number patterns. They have done this by working out the difference then counting backwards and forwards. Definitely a lot trickier than it sounds! 


In English we have been boxing up our text Monkey see - Monkey do! and exploring the different features in it, such as similes, time conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. 

Our guided reading text is off to a great start and it has been lovely to hear them all read together, discussing their predictions and inferring what our witty author Roald Dahl might mean with some of his odd turns of phrase! 

I have been reading the BFG to the children before break time and we have got to Sophie being kidnapped by the BFG during the witching hour! The children are enjoying having the light off and a relaxing ten minutes whilst I read to them. 


It has been a fantastic start to the half term and I am thoroughly impressed with how well the children have settled and how kind and thoughtful they have been with each other in our transition back to school. Well done BFG Base!