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Age Related Expectations for Year 4

Each year group in the school has a set of objectives that each child should be achieving by the end of the year.  These are known as 'Age Related Expectations' or ARE.

Your child will be taught and assessed according to these standards.  During the year they will build their knowledge and skills with the aim to achieve the ARE for their year group. Your child's attainment and progress will be measured against how securely they are working at ARE at the end of the year.  

For a summary of the Age Related Expectations for Year 4 please see the link below.


In class we use WAGOLLs  (What A Good One Looks Like).  WAGOLLs help children know what they should be aiming for and to also celebrate children's achievements by using them as an example to others. 

We will try to add WAGOLLs here to help illustrate what a child working at Year 4 ARE looks like. This should help you know how your child is achieving by being able to compare their work with what is given as WAGOLL examples here.