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BSM Post Ofsted Action Plan Summary - November 2017

Monday 13th November 2017


Post-Ofsted-Action-Plan (POAP) update.


Dear Parents / Carers,


Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to once more celebrate the success of the school in its end of Key Stage 2 outcomes in July.


As you are aware, the outcomes at this point for the pupils in Year 6, is a measure of the school’s progress against children of the same age, across the country. In the shadow of the school’s inspection report, this data is testament to the progress already made and clearly shows the school is well on the way in its programme of improvement.




National (2017)

Dorset (2017)

School data 2017: Expected Standard

School data 2017: Greater Depth Standard






Writing (moderated)















Reading, Writing and Maths. combined






The table above clearly shows that the schools outcomes are not only above Dorset averages, but also the national averages. Across the board.


As promised in the last newsletter, please see the main headlines and focus for the school development this term.


The main focus is on the development of ‘High Quality First Teaching’ in order to accelerate progress in English and mathematics.


These actions link to ‘Priority One’ on the POAP:

“Improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment to raise pupils’ outcomes”


Curriculum area

Priority action

Intended outcome


  • Continued development of Talk for Writing across the school;




  • Further exposure and inclusion of high quality reading texts across school;


  • Focus on high quality learning of spellings;



  • Continued focus on improved presentation and handwriting;



  • Parent / carer workshops designed to help support learning at home.

Talk for writing will continue to improve pupils ability to write at length;


Pupils become more familiar with high quality literature and authors, leading to improved vocabulary;


Pupils will continue to make progress against their age related expectations;



Improved standards in handwriting in presentation will be seen across all writing and all subjects;



Parents / carers can see how to support their children in helping learning outside of school.


  • Implementation and development of the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme of work across the school;



  • Parent / carer workshops designed to help support learning at home.

Pupils have improved fluency and understanding of key principles of mathematics. Problem solving and mastery are integral to the learning for all pupils;


Parents / carers can see how to support their children in helping learning outside of school.


There is an extensive and thorough monitoring process in school where evidence of progress is taking place through lesson drop-ins, book looks, analysis of assessment data and discussions with pupils.


‘Priority Two’:

“Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management”


The school has already made great gains in this area. Since the start of the year, there has been a change in organisation with Mrs Newlin leading English, Miss Walton leading Mathematics and Mrs Harris taking the lead in Inclusion (this includes SEND, Pupil Premium Provision and more able).


In addition, the governing body have increased their quality assurance role in the school; making sure that the school is making effective and accurate judgements.


The priorities for this term are as follows:


Area for development

Priority action

Intended outcome

Governing body

  • Closely monitor the school’s progress towards their targets


  • Continue to ask probing and challenging questions to ensure the school’s evaluations are robust and precise

Hold the school to account and ensure progress is maintained


To know that the school’s evaluations are correct and robust. To ensure that where under achievement takes place it is addressed immediately

Subject leadership

  • Ensure all curriculum leaders are aware of their role in curriculum development and assessment


  • Subject leaders reporting to the governing body (English and maths)

Curriculum leadership is established for all curriculum areas and leaders are aware of their roles


Governing body aware of key developments and standards in the core subjects


In addition to these key areas of focus, the school is developing its communication with parents / carers to ensure they are fully aware of the developments within school and the on-going process of development and improvement.


This includes reporting to parents / carers any monitoring visit feedback and external support.


As always, your support and feedback is crucial in the development and improvement plan. Please contact the school and Mr Carter if you would like any further information, or have any additional feedback that can help.


Kind regards,



Mr Carter