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Easter holiday ideas

  There are some extra ideas here for the Easter holidays if you need them. I am sure there are still things on our school work pages that you might not have done so you always go back through those if you want to.

Have you learnt the Spring Chicken song yet? Why not make some chicks to help you sing the song?



You can find the song on our school closure work page and also on our singing page.

There is another lovely Easter song for you to try here too.

' Sing Out An Easter Song ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)


I have also seen some lovely ideas for Easter hats. Why not try decorating one or making one and perhaps you could have a family Easter Bonnet parade!!



Why not try one of these craft ideas?



  And I love these little mice, I couldn't find the actual instructions but you are all so good  at making things I bet you can work it out yourselves.


There are some lovely ideas here for home time fun.

 Have you looked at the Picture News items over the last few weeks? Here  is another one to share at home. I think you will love this one because I know how much you love animals!!

 I know you love making things so here are some ideas for you. Worry Dolls, Finger Puppets and a World in a box. Click on the links below for the instructions.


Finally, while we can't really go very far at the moment it is still possible to visit the most incredible places around the world all online. Take a look at the document below to find out more.