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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'


Here are some links to websites that will help you with improving your English skills. 



Can you be a sentence doctor? It's important to choose conjunctions carefully. Play this game to spot where a better choice of conjunction needs to happen to cure some sentences!

Expanded Noun Phrases

Watch this clip to give you a simple explanation for what an expanded noun phrase is.

Using speech marks

Here are some things to help you remember how to punctuate direct speech accurately.

Persuasive Texts


Learn about the language that is used to try to persuade.

Take a look at these party political broadcasts.

What language and strategies are used to try to persuade you?

Information Writing

Here are some links to help you find out information to help you with writing information leaflets and newsletters. 




We are starting to work with the epic myth of Beowulf this week.

Find out about the ancient tale here-

Watch a version of the story here -

Here is another myth from Cornwall for you to learn -

Haiku Poems

Take a look at Martin Maudsley's website and his twitter feeds for the haikus he has written. What images do they create in your mind?

Information on the Tabla Drum

Use the video clip to help you research and find out information the Tabla drum.  Think about what heading you would note the facts you've found out under.