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Friday 12th February

We have made it – it is almost half-term.


Thank you for all the work you’ve completed, whether it is online or on paper it has been fantastic to see it.


Also can I say a massive thank you to parents / carers in these most unusual of times. I really do understand that it hasn’t been easy and appreciate all the support you give. Thank You doesn’t seem enough, but it is truly meant. I hope you and your family can have a restful week, even if that means you  can get on with jobs without being asked what a fronted adverbial is every two minutes.


I really hope to see most of you later for our Zoom Disco!!!!


Here are the details:



Meeting ID: 753 7279 4801

Passcode: Faw675


It starts at 2pm today.



As always thank you for sending me all of your work and remember there will be three more chapters of Brightstorm released, so when you are bored over half-term sit back and listen to the story.



Hit the Button


Our times tables test later could be on anything so use this time on Hit the Button to practice the times tables you feel you need to practise the most.


Here is the link:



Video – Chris Malinchak – So Good to be Me


Watch the video

Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me (Official Video)

Subscribe for more: Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor - Promesses (Official Video) now on Ministry of Sound...

Questions to think about – not to answer.



Watch the first 20 seconds - how is the girl feeling? What makes you think that? What might she be doing?


Pause just before a minute - how has the girl's feelings changed? Why do you think that is?


What might she have lost? What could she do now that may help?


Pause again at 1.42 - Has the girl's feelings changed even more now? Why do you think that maybe?


Once the giraffe appears - are you shocked why? How does the girl feel now?


If you could choose any animal in the world to keep as a pet, what would it be and why?



Today’s task.


Use the video to write a story.


I would like you to be the child in the video.


But please change the wild animal – so this is your choice. Think about your choice I’m not sure a dolphin would be a good idea to be kept tied to a post in the back garden, also a giant tortoise might be ok there, but it wouldn’t have got very far.


Think about how your animal would affect the neighbourhood, maybe you can hear screams a long time before you see your pet.



Times Tables Test


Find some way to time yourself. Now answer the 36 questions from the sheet below. Although I want you to complete this activity quickly it is more important that you get them all right. So every wrong answer adds 10 seconds. I’d like to know how you did so email your time. Remember if you finished in 5 minutes and got 2 wrong, your time would be 5 minutes and 20 seconds – that’s 2 lots of ten seconds for each wrong answer.


I know this is on all the times tables but how did your result compare to last week. Were you quicker? Did you get more correct? Did you get the last question correct?



Start todays lesson with five in five.

No help today. This is the second part of our review


Work through the Unit Review. All of the questions relate to what we have done over the last 4 weeks.

Spelling Test – Spelling Shed


So there is a spelling test today. If possible find another person to test you on your able words from Monday. Let me know how you do.


If it is not convenient for someone else to test you then have at least 3 more games on spelling shed so that you really know those words.


WCGR – The Boy at the Back of the Class


If you didn’t manage to join us for our whole class guided reading you will need to read up to and including chapter 5.


Once you have done that you can answer the following questions -

There are some questions on vocabulary, some on information retrieval and some on inference (what you think?).




We are back to drawing with Rob today.


Click on the link below and follow the online video.

It is your choice, you can choose any of the videos to have a go at, but don’t forget to send me your finished designs.