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Blandford St Mary

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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Friday 15th May

 I can see you had another busy day today , I think wearing your school clothes must really help!! I love the  family handflower you helped Mummy make, what a lovely idea. Well done for all your reading practise, I hear from Mummy you can read all the books you took home from school. You are also becoming a money expert  after playing Pop to the Shops.It is alos lovely to see you being such a super big sister, how kind of you to read to your baby brother and I can see you playing with your other brother really sensibly. What a lovely girl you are.
My beans did the opposite to yours, my white bean has sprouted but the black one didn't. What a super princess gardener you are, I am sure those beans will grow really well with you looking after them. Your Mummy told me how proud she is of your super independent writing and I can see why.Well done it is excellent I am very proud of you too!!
The people you send your cards to are going to get a lovely surprise aren't they, how kind of you to think of them. I can see that you have had a poorly tooth again but I am very very glad to hear it is getting better now. I absolutely love your butterfly lifecycle, what a creative and clever way to make it with all those things from nature, it is wonderful. Hope you carry on feeling better.
Thank you for sending us these pictures of the butterfly as it emerges they are super, how lovely for us all to be able to see this.
Wow! You look very proud of yourself and I am not surprised. That is a lovely lifecycle, you have done some really careful  drawing  and writing - well done I can see you put a lot of effort into it.
I love all your fancy dress costumes!! That is a super lifecycle and some very colourful and symmetrical butterflies - well done.
Your school friend  had a very exciting day yesterday because her new puppy arrived. She has been counting down the days until she arrived and now here she is!! She is called Pandora - isn't she gorgeous. I expect we will be seeing more of her over the next few weeks!!
You must have been so excited to see  that your first butterfly has emerged from it's cocoon. They are beautiful to look at aren't they. Thank you for letting us all see them.