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Friday 26th February

Welcome to Friday’s home learning.


I hope to see most of you later,.


Here are the details:


Meeting ID: 938 6134 1226

Passcode: Z4dfNU


It starts at 1.30pm today.


As always thank you for sending me all of your work.



Hit the Button


Our times tables test later could be on anything so use this time on Hit the Button to practice the times tables you feel you need to practise the most.


Here is the link:


Now for some Grammar.


In the two examples they have added brackets to add in some extra detail. Remember the extra detail isn’t necessary, but adds extra information.


There are now three sentences that have been written, your job is to add some extra detail. In other words you need to add some information inside the bracket.

I do want you to write down the whole sentence, including the part you have added.


It now says try some of your own. Write three sentences that include brackets.


Here is my attempt it is not a WAGGOL – can you send me a better one that would be:


All Rhiswanozebtah (including those in captivity) are carnivores and only eat meat.

We are now doing sentence imitation.


Try using some sentence patterns from the Rhiswanozebtah report and create new sentences using the same structure.


Add an adverb to engage the reader, there are a number of choices given to you. You can choose any of these or choose one of your own.


Make up three new sentences about the Rhiswanozebtah adding an adverb to the beginning of the sentence.


Now add a fact.


There are five words that can be used as a link to adding more information.


Complete the two sentences that are given.


Now come up with one new sentence. Invent a statement about the Rhiswanozebtah and then add on to it using any of the add-on sentence signposts above.




Start todays lesson with five in five.

Calculate Perimeter

Begin by watching the video link:

Aut5.11.5 - Calculate perimeter

This is "Aut5.11.5 - Calculate perimeter" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer all of the questions up to question 5.

If you have managed to complete all the questions have a go at today’s challenge. Choose some or all of the challenge cards.

Times Tables Test


Find some way to time yourself. Now answer the 36 questions from the sheet below. Although I want you to complete this activity quickly it is more important that you get them all right. So every wrong answer adds 10 seconds. I’d like to know how you did so email your time. Remember if you finished in 5 minutes and got 2 wrong, your time would be 5 minutes and 20 seconds – that’s 2 lots of ten seconds for each wrong answer.


I know this is on all the times tables but how did your result compare to last week. Were you quicker? Did you get more correct? Did you get the last question correct?

Spelling Test – Spelling Shed


So there is a spelling test today. If possible find another person to test you on your able words from Monday. Let me know how you do.


If it is not convenient for someone else to test you then have at least 3 more games on spelling shed so that you really know those words.


Whole Class Guided Reading


Please make sure you have your copy of – The Boy at the Back of the Class and login to our Guided Reading Zoom session.





Today I would like you to try and sew on a button. Use the link above to help you.


Before you start, you will need a button, some thread, a piece of material and a needle. It may also be helpful to have a small pair of scissors to hand, once you have finished. This is a valuable life skill and will also come in useful later on this term. Have a go and enjoy the challenge. It would be great to see your results.

How to sew a Button (Craft Basic Sewing)

How to sew a Button (Craft Basic Sewing). Finally another video to add to our Basic Sewing Tutorials - which are part our craft basics series. The series her...

The above video will show you how to do this.


Class Story




Listen to chapter 23 and 24 of Brightstorm.


Chapter 25 of Brightstorm will be appearing over the weekend so keep checking to find out when its uploaded.


I’m aiming to finish Brightstorm before we start back to school.



Work hard and I hope everyone has a good weekend and I’ll look forward to hearing and in a lot of cases seeing you on Monday (our Zoom Meeting).