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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Home Learning 25th to 29th January

House Points (for the week 18th to 22nd January)

Each week I am awarding house points to people who share their home learning with me on the school email and those who use Spelling Shed (including this weeks words), TT Rockstars and Read Theory.  Please look out for your name below.  Also, please remember to keep reading whilst at home and record this in your Home School diary.  These will be collected too when we return to school.

Spelling Shed - Top Users

Thomas, Tia, Nevaeh, Ella-May, Bella, Leo J., Piotr, Hendrix, Riley P., Leah, Imogen, Penny

TT Rockstars (more than 15 mins)

Tomasz, Tia, Nevaeh, Ella-May, Jaiden, Amelia, Theo, Ellie, Sophie, Riley P., Fin-Lee, Penny, Leah, Riley G.

Read Theory (more than 100 knowledge points)

Preston, Nevaeh, Ella-May, Amelia, Bella, Theo, Ellie, Riley Pe., Leah, Penny

Home Learning

Preston (x2), Maisie (x2), Tomasz (x2), Tia (x2), Leo D., Ellie, Connie, Bella (x2), Rylee (x2), Piotr (x2), Sophie, Alyssa, Imogen, Ruby (x2), Penny (x2)