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Thank you Ella-May for this amazing speech! The language you have used is very well chosen and so persuasive! I definitely agree with you that tests like driving tests are super important!

Thank you so much Leah for sending in these beautiful pictures you’ve painted! The butterflies are gorgeous and the masks remind me of the ones we made for the Rio Carnival! What a lovely way to spend a sunny day! 






Penny has impressed her parents with her amazing perseverance at the Math activities on Maths with Parents. I am so proud of you Penny, well done! It's great to hear you've found some Math activities which can be fun as well! We'll have to try some of those games when we get back to school! 


Hendrix has been playing some of the games on Maths With Parents and I was so happy to read his comment. I wonder what item of clothing he'll get for his Mathscot! 

Look who has been on Maths with Parents today!

I received this lovely message to tell me about how she found the activities on the current topic!


"It was easy because I have done it a lot before and the adding was easy peasy lemon squeezy!" 


That is so lovely to hear! Hopefully we'll all return to school this confident with our column addition! Also look at the cool toga she earned for her Mathscot because she sent me a message! 






What a fantastic start to the weekend!

I woke up to a very tasty looking biscuit Stonehenge from Leo J today. Looking closely I think he has used icing to hold his model together, a top tip if anyone is thinking they would like to make their own out of biscuits. 

Well done Leo and thank you for sharing your lovely photo. laugh



Leo D has sent a beautiful picture of his Stonehenge model. I think we can all agree it is amazing and must have needed a lot of perseverance and hard work! 

Well done Leo, that has made my day seeing your lovely work! laugh