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Home learning for spring term 1 2021

Every day I will write something on here to help you and your grown ups do some fun learning at home together. It is really important that you listen carefully to your grown ups at home and try your very best at the jobs I ask them to do with you. I know you will all do your best and I cannot wait to hear how you all get on together.

ADULTS Please do not worry if you do not manage to do all of these today or indeed any of the days in these frst few days of home schooling, This a new experience and it may take a while to establish a ’home school’ routine but it would be a good to decide on a daily routine and to then stick to it as much as possible each day. You might even be able to set up a small home school area where work can be completed so that it is kept separate from their toys and home activities.

 A suggested routine could be


  • Firstly log onto the school website each morning and see what is expected for that day and make sure you are prepared for it all!! Each day there will be a good morning message from me to share together and usually pictures and photos to talk about.
  • Every morning we look at our calendar in class and talk about what day of the week it is , what the weather is like and  also what the date is, the number of that day. This is something that you could make at home  this week ready to use as the weeks progress or use a calendar you already have. I have added some photos here of some homemade calendars. All you will need are pieces of paper and somewhere to keep the calendar, each day your child can add the paper for that day with the number and a weather drawing. You can add the days of the week too. The children love talking about the weather and are fascinated by the daily changes we see outside.
  • Now it will be time to do the first of the jobs on the blog. This will usually involve watching a video and listening to the story. There will then be an activity to do with this story.
  • After this there will be a session for phonics.
  • There will be maths activity to do too.
  • There will also be daily activities linked to either the story we have heard or the theme of the book and our learning.
  • Don’t forget to include plenty of breaks between activities as well as lots of play and being outside.
  • There also needs to be daily reading and I will explain how to access free books online to support your child’s reading development.

It is crucial that as a minimum every day your child engages in the phonics work, the maths work and reads to you. There will be daily writing within the phonics session but there will also be other writing opportunities.

We have our own class email address so if you want to you can email me pictures and videos of all your wonderful home learning and any other interesting things you have been doing. These can also be added to Tapestry in the usual way and I would encourage you to upload your child’s work on here too. Adding photos to the blog  in our home learning gallery page will be a lovely way for you all to keep in touch with each other  and with me and  for us all to see what we are  doing at home during this time.

Parents and Carers: can you please make sure that you let me know in the email if you DO NOT want your child's learning shared in the Home Learning Gallery - thank you.

 The email address  as you know is: