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Spring Term Home Learning Gallery

  Friday 3rd April

I look forward to your lovely photos every day and these have definitely made me smile today!! You all look so happy and are obviously having lots of fun together. I love the Joe Wicks fancy dress and the Easter cards are lovely whoever gets one of those will be very lucky indeed. Happy Easter to you all and thank you for sharing your home learning with us all.

 Oh you are a wonderful girl !! What better way to start the Easter break than with a list and those ideas look fantastic. I bet your cake will be delicious , you will have to let me know. I love all the tiny things you filled your egg box with - well done.

Thank you for sharing your home learning with us all. Happy Easter to you to.

 You have been very busy!! That cake looks delicious and I am sure your Daddy loved it. I  know you love  being outside and I can see how much fun you are having. I think there will be lots of bugs to find in the garden now as it gets warmer. I really like your bunny finger puppet - did you see all the bunnies your friends have been busy making?

 I know this is  work from yesterday but I thought I would put it on for today. I am glad to hear you are enjoying playing the online games - well done! I like your yes/no question, I think the answer is no , of course a snail can't run!!

 Well done for your mathematics, keep practising with the numbers and soon will you be number perfect. I love the fingerprint number flowers - what a great idea!!

 Thursday 2nd April

Thank you so much for sending me these pictures. How lovely to see you busy with your maths game.Super work - you're getting really confident with those numbers now - well done!!

 Every day you are so busy ! What an inspiration to everyone. Fantastic paintings, what a lovely fluffy chick and beautiful flowers - thank you for letting us see them. I know you love Teach you Monster to Read - well done for working so hard at the games.

 Wednesday 1st April

Oh I love these bunnies that you have made. The sock bunny is so sweet, I know you like rabbits so I am sure you enjoyed making it. It can be a friend for your  special home bunny!! Super phonics work too - well done. 

 Some more gorgeous bunnies.I really love the sock bunnies I think I might try to make one of those myself if I can find an old sock. It looks like you  all really had fun today. Thank you for sending these to me it is lovely to see what you're doing at home.
 I can see the bunnies were popular  with princesses today! I know how much you like making things. The puppets are really good. I am glad you liked the stories today. I think you are going to love the one tomorrow!! 

 Tuesday 31st March

More super home learning. What a great idea to make the shape game into a mission to rescue a wand and princess - brilliant!

Look at all these snails clustered together - I wonder how many there are here.

Wow! I am so impressed with this writing - what a super sentence and I love the gold pen.

 Fantastic teddy bear hats  well done girls. I have lots of buds on my apple tree too!!
 There is so much fantastic learning happening here - well done! I have seen that algae too and yes it does look like alien slime. I have never seen dog shape biscuits before but they look delicious. 
 Luna was busy yesterday making patterns and drawing shapes - well done.

 Monday 30th March

I have to say I think one of the best parts of my day now is being able to upload all the lovely pictures of you and your wonderful home learning. I am sure we are all enjoying them - thank you for sending them in.  Have a look below at today's efforts. Keep up the great work - you are amazing.

 Even Princesses need to do their maths learning and look at that wonderful yoga too. Well done a super effort - keep it up.
 Goodness me! You have been busy , beautiful amaryllis pictures and I can see the picture of bear and some fantastic writing. Well done this is super work - keep it up. You look like you enjoyed the EasyPeasy game Stepping Stones too!!
 Wow! A super amaryllis picture and writing too -well done what a great job you have done. 
 Look at these beautiful rainbows - what super painting. I can see you have been doing some mathematics too - well done. I know you have been doing your reading too so a BIG well done for that. Keep up the  good effort.

  You are all so wonderful - thank you so much for sending me these lovely pictures to share. It is so nice to be able to see what you are all doing at home and I can see that what you are doing at home is amazing.

 Well done to all of you wonderful children and of course to your wonderful parents who making it all possible- you're all doing a great job. 

 Have a good weekend together  and I will be in touch on Monday with more news and more home learning. Take care everyone!

Look at that yummy chocolate cake!! Amazing writing -you saw so many different birds.Super stuff going on here - well done.

You are really enjoying the games on Teach you Monster to Read - well done. That is such a beautiful rainbow in your window too.A super week at home - well done!!

You look so happy and busy I love seeing all the things you have been doing at home and I know your friends will too. Well done for a super first week of home learning.

I think I need to start practising my handstands too!! I can't wait to see how your seeds grow and your rainbow is super. You have been so busy - well done

Wonderful maths going on here - well done!!

Teddy Time Maths - well done what a great job but who ate all the food?

Even more maths - lots of super counting going on here. Well done.

 Thursday 26th March

  You have been busy again - thank you for these. I love seeing what you are all doing.

Lots of maths outside today

 Wednesday 25th March 
Thank you for letting me see how hard you have been working at home. You look like you're enjoying your maths learning. I thought you would like to see how your friends have been playing the games.

Maths at home