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Homework - Writing!


Although SATs are over, we still have plenty to master in the next 8 weeks, the next big milestone being the external moderation of writing in Year 6, which will take place on June 12.  


Homework this weekend is to write an informal letter.  This week, the children have written a letter in the role of Stanley from "Holes" to his mother.  Homework is to write a response from "mom" back to Stanley.  The children were given the additional challenge of incorporating both modal and passive verbs into their letter.

Homework Help - Where to go for help


The red and yellow CGP SATs help reference books that we sent home before half-term.  If they are not at home, check your child's bag.  If still not found, ask them to look at school.  


If your child finds any of the maths homework tricky, have a look at the Maths Help section of this blog.  There is a link to an online Maths Dictionary for help with terms.  There are also some other useful resources I have put on there.


Also online the BBC Bitesize webpages for English and Maths.

Half-term Homework!


The children have a sheet in their bags explaining the homework and they have also brought home some resources to help them over the next term, as we rush towards May 8th!  The big thing over half-term will be to tackle those year 5/6 spellings, which can be found in the children's planners.


January 2017

Change of deadline for Homework!


All homework will now be written into the school planner and this will come home with the homework folder.  We will be continuing with the SATs buster booklets, with the only change being that homework should now be completed by Monday morning and brought to school then.  If homework is forgotten or not completed, children will be asked to complete it at Homework club on a Monday after lunch with Mrs Harris.  We will provide photocopies where booklets have been forgotten.  This will ensure that we waste less time chasing up missing homework each week and encourage children to take more responsibility for their home learning.