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Miss Hook's Spellings

17th January 2020 Spellings

To be tested on 24th January 2020


There are many different ways the children have been practising their spellings words, for example: colour writing, pyramids, silly sentences, picture words and so on. 








Spellings for the 15th November - 22nd November:


We are starting to look at the Year 3 and 4 spelling list. 

The children will have individual spelling lists where the spellings incorrect from the week before will be added on to their list for the following week. Please check the children's diaries for this week's spellings. 


The generic spellings for this week are the B words from the list. 









Spellings for 18th October


Our spelling rule this week is the 'j' sound spelt '-dge' and '-ge' at the end of a word.


Group 1 Group 2
age badge
change bridge
huge edge
dodge charge
fudge village


Spellings for the 11th October 2019


This weeks spelling rule is in words with the 's' sound, if the next letter is an e, i or y it is spelled with a c. (Not a very catchy rule unfortunately!) 


Group 1

Group 2

race face
ice space
cell bicycle
city circle
fancy spicy


Spellings for the 4th October


This week we are focusing on another silent letter. We are looking at 'wr' at the beginning of words making the r sound. Children were given the choice over which spelling list they wanted to take home this week as I had some many children attempting Group 2 spellings during our test! A great testament to their perseverance!


Group 1

Group 2 

write Group 1 + wrist
written wreck
wrote wrestle
wrong wriggle
wrap wren


Spellings for 27th September


This week we have been discussing silent letters and how they are used for the 'n' phoneme. 


Group 1

Group 2 

knock Group 1 +
know knitting
knee knife
gnat gnash
gnaw gnome


Spellings for 19th September (Inset day on the 20th) 


The spelling rule we learnt last week has been the different 'e' sounds: 


Group 1

Group 2

meat Group 1 spellings +
even because
pea any
deep many
been  people