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Blandford St Mary

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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Monday 11th May

I am glad to hear that you also enjoyed the story. You have done some super writing and I am very impressed with how well you are concentrating on your home learning. You look like you have made a super wormery! Enjoy looking at the worms and don't forget to keep them watered.
You have been busy today, I can see you have been doing lots of mathematics - well done.  You are a weather expert , well done for doing that every day.I like your writing and drawing of Superworm and that looks like you are playing Teach your Monster to read too. I am very proud of all your efforts today - keep it up!
 How exciting to have your very own stay at home 'summer fete'  it sounds so much fun!! It is a shame it was so cold on Sunday but you still look like you are enjoying yourselves!! Who guessed the right number of lego bricks in the jar?

 You really have done some great learning today. I am glad you enjoyed the Superworm story I think lots of your freinds did too.Your drawing and writing is so careful - well done. That wormery looks fantastic , don't forget to keep them moist , I can't wait to hear whether you are able to see them move around.

You must be so excited waiting for your butterflies to appear. We can't wait to hear when they arrive. You are concentrating very hard on your mathematics with Daddy - well done!!
How lovely to see you reading so carefully. I think your writing is improving all the time, what a super  job you have done today. Well done.
I am glad you like the story today, you have done a lovely picture and writing and super maths too. Your bean looks very healthy, my bag has lots of condensation in too and that is fine. I hear you have your first wobbly tooth how exciting!! 
How lovely to see some more of your fantastic work. You have been working hard again - well done!! I like your mathematics today and your writing, keep up the good work.
What a very careful drawing of Superworm. I love all the bees too and you have concentrated hard on your writing too - well done!!