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Monday 1st March

Welcome to our last full week of home learning. I know I’m counting down the days.

Today’s Zoom code is:


Meeting ID: 969 6935 6019

Passcode: sz94TC



Looking forward to seeing everyone at 1.30pm.


Our Zooms this week will be today, Wednesday and Thursday.



Copy out the attached poem in your neatest handwriting. Remember to set it out exactly as the poem is set out.

This is a short poem, so please take your time and make it the neatest it can be. Make sure it is joined.



Here are this weeks spellings. If you have your home diary copy them into it. If not copy them onto a piece of paper. Learn them as you would normally, so practise them every day.

You will need someone’s help on Friday, so that they can test you on them. Let me know how many you got correct.


If you have time you can write each of these words into a sentence, to show that you understand the meaning of each word.


Now let’s explore your writing.


Pick one of the 10 boxes.


Now complete the sentences:


Here is my example.


The first thing to say about teachers is that they can live on coffee and cake.


In addition to this, most only need a couple of hours sleep a night.


The most extraordinary thing about teachers is that despite what they tell you, they do live in the school and will happily spend the night in a dark cupboard.


It is a little known fact that teachers can be wrong, but they will never, ever admit to this.


Normally, you will find them with a book, this is a disguise to make them look more intelligent.


You may not know but, they only go the staff room in order to hunt for cake.


Surprisingly, they rarely find any, so it is wise to make sure that your lunch boxes are not left unattended.




Read Theory


Spend your reading time on read theory today.


Daiton, Max B, Max B-M, William, Poppy, Danai, Lily-Mai, Daniel, Kaylan, Hudson, Ezmi, Harrison, Alex, Connor, Orla and Ella.


They were all on Read Theory the week before half-term and have earned themselves an extra house point.




Start todays lesson with five in five.

Counting Squares

Begin by watching the video link:

Aut5.12.1 - Counting squares

This is "Aut5.12.1 - Counting squares" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer all the questions today up to and including question 8.

If you have managed to complete all the questions then try the following: I f you don’t normally try the challenges have a go at today’s it really isn’t that hard and you might enjoy it.

TT Rockstars


This week you have access to all the times tables.


Make sure you login so I can check on your progress. Remember you should be on for at least 15 minutes.


Whole Class Guided Reading



Today’s Zoom is 1.30pm.


Today’s Zoom will be our Guided Reading.



Meeting ID: 969 6935 6019

Passcode: sz94TC



Play the video – ignore when Mr Hutchinson says we are on our 6th lesson and you need to go back.


YOU DON’T – Stick with it.



This lesson will give us some background to the second world war. During the video you will find out about Hitler and what he intended for other counties; you will also learn about the Rhineland; the policy of appeasement – this is how other countries treated Hitler and finally by 1939 world war 2 breaks out.


As always listen to the information and complete the tasks that it asks you to do.




Today I have uploaded chapter 26. I will release 1 chapter a day so that the book is complete before we return to school. 


House Points


I will keep a track of these so that I can put them onto your chart once you return to school. Please remember to keep reading whilst at home as these will be also be collected.


Spelling Shed – Royal Bee


Daiton, Max B, Danai, Hudson, Ezmi, Alex x2, Harrison x2.


Max B, William, Tallulah, Poppy, Danai, Elena, Harrison, Alex, Ella


Home Learning Work


I know everyone is not able to send me there work so I will give you these when we return to school.