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Blandford St Mary

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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Monday 27th April

 Wow!Thank you so much for letting me see how hard you have been working at home. I can see you both concentrating really hard - well done. Your flowers are lovely and you have nmde them very carefully. That maths looks fantastic and I am very impressed with the writing and drawing about the seasons. Well done both of you - keep it up!
Super home learning again - well done. I love your writing and I think your number game looks great fun especially as it involves standing on the chair. What a gorgeous flower you have made - it is a rainbow flower  and I love it.
 Lots of lovely home learning here - well done girls. The flower pictures are super we will be using those tomorrow. I wonder what sort of moth or butterfly that caterpillar will turn into? Oh no how will your peas ever grow if Tilly keeps sleeping on them!! She must feel warm and cosy in the flowerpot perhaps you need to make her a flowerpot bed!!
 This is a lovely piece of writing. You have worked very hard, your pictures are very careful and I can see you have really concentrated on your writing - well done!!
 How lovely to see your home learning - thank you for sending me the pictures. I think your Supertato is wonderful I can see you ahve worked hard on him. I am very impressed with your writing too, well done for such a good effort - keep it up!! 
 Oh you have been busy in your garden. I can see you are growing lots of different things and you have been drawing lots of lovely rainbows and writing thank you messages for the NHS - how kind and thoughtful of you.

  Gosh you saw so many interesting things on your walk at the weekend and how amazing to find that beautiful bluebell wood. I love bluebells, I grew some in my garden but not as many as there are in the woods!! Do you know what type of butterfly that is on the ground? I love the birds having a bath in the dust aren't they funny.

Well done for trying hard with your learning today I can see you concentrating on your writng and you have made a super flower for tomorrow - well done. I think your rock painting is excellent - well done.