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Blandford St Mary

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Monday 4th May

 Your Mummy told me you were really excited about your home learning this morning and came  downstairs dressed for school!  Well you certainly worked hard on your farmyard - you have the book too which is lovely. I am glad you were interested in VE day , what great idea to talk to your great grandad about it 91 is a very good age to be. What can he remember about VE day I would love to know!!  
More super ladybirds - I love them girls!! You are whizzing away on your bikes, can you go really fast ? I wonder who likes butter most? There are so many buttercups out at the moment aren't there.
Goodness me you two are so busy. Thank you so much for letting me see all this lovely home learning. I really like your farmyard and you had the book too , how wonderful. You have been very busy in your garden, you'll be good at gardening when we get back to school!! What super ladybirds, I love the balloon ladybird what a great idea.Well done both of you.
Look at those caterpillars they have eaten so much they re ready to make their cocoons. They have to keep very still now.Thank you for letting us see them.
 Well done you have done some super numbers today and lovely animal name writing. Your farmyard looks fantastic too.
I can see you were really concentrating when you wrote your numbers - well done.  Unfortunately I think it is a bit cold for  ladybirds at the moment which is a shame hopefully it will warm up soon. How interesting to find a spider  and  to see a bug fly  into the web and then to watch the  spider wrap it up and carry it away.  I like your farmyard too.That's a super  ladybird drawing too - well done!!
You look so happy here!! I love your farmyard - well done. You've got it set out really well the lion will scare away any robbers!!
 Goodness me you have such exciting walks! That was good idea to give the bumble bee something sweet to drink, he might have been a bit cold too but hopefully he flew off. You garden is loking really lovely you have all been very busy, I have herbs in my garden too. You certainly had fun in your sandpit!!The slow worms really like your garden don't they, it looks amazing so shiny. I am glad you had a good weekend.