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Monday 8th February

Again thank you for sending me your work.



Welcome to the last week of half term - keep going you can do it!


The link below is for the Parent Consultations. The link for our Guided Reading Zoom is further down the page. This is at 1.30pm.


Parent Consultation Zoom Link:


Please try to login a few minutes before your allocated time.


Meeting ID: 979 6486 2251

Passcode: gkJ7RH







Copy out the attached poem in your neatest handwriting. Remember to set it out exactly as the poem is set out.


Collective Worship


Please go back to the class home page and watch today's Collective Worship.


Today's worship comes from Mr Lacey.


I'd really like to hear about your thoughts from today's worship.






Here are this weeks spellings. If you have your home diary copy them into it. If not copy them onto a piece of paper. Learn them as you would normally, so practise them every day.

You will need someone’s help on Friday, so that they can test you on them. Let me know how many you got correct.


If you have time you can write each of these words into a sentence, to show that you understand the meaning of each word.




Lessons 6 and 7


In this lesson we will be learning all about two important aspects about the religion of Sikhism


  • Where and How do Sikhs Worship?
  • How do Sikhs represent their faith today?


Start by doing the quiz. How much can you remember from last week.


As the lesson progresses make sure you complete the activities you are instructed to do.



Read Theory


Spend your reading time on read theory today.


Well done to Max BM, Max B,  William, Poppy, Danai, Lily-Mai, Daniel, Kaylan, Elena, Ezmi, Harrison, Alex, Connor, Ella and Molly


They were all on Read Theory last week and have earned themselves an extra house point.




Start todays lesson with five in five.

Please make sure that you attempt up to at least question 5.


Question 1 – In 1a how many 5s in 45? In 1b use this answer from1a and multiply this by 3. Now answer part c.


Question 2 – Where the numerator is 1 all we have to do is divide the denominator by the given number. When the numerator is not 1 follow the same steps, divide the number by the denominator and then multiply your answer by the numerator.


Question 3 – Solve the same as 2 then match to the correct answer.


Question 4 – Solve both parts the same as question 2. Once you know the correct answer use the correct symbol between them.


Question 5 – As before, but written as a word problem.


If you feel confident then you can attempt questions 6 and 7.


When you have finished you can mark it.

If you have managed to complete all the questions up to 6 then try some of the following challenge sheet.

Challenge – Finding non-unit fractions of amounts

TT Rockstars


This week you have access to all the times tables.


Make sure you login so I can check on your progress. Remember you should be on for at least 15 minutes.


Whole Class Guided Reading



Today’s Zoom is 1.30pm.


Today’s Zoom will be our Guided Reading. We will be reading chapter 3 and chapter 4.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 955 3690 3554

Passcode: nX4R7S




We will be learning about a what is a flood, the physical causes of floods, human factors that are increasing floods and the positives and negatives associated with flooding.


The main key vocabulary is flood, banks, rainfall, snowmelt, infiltration, urbanisation, impermeable, deforestation, agriculture.


As the video progresses it will ask you to do a number of tasks make sure you follow the instructions carefully.




Class Story




Chapter 15 is now on our blog under class novel.


House Points


I will keep a track of these so that I can put them onto your chart once you return to school. Please remember to keep reading whilst at home as these will be also be collected.


Spelling Shed – Royal Bee

Max B x2, Danai, Hudson, Elena, Sophia M, Harrison x2, Alex x2

Max B, Elena, Alex, Ella


Home Learning Work


I know everyone is not able to send me their work so I will allocate these when we return to school.