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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'


In our topic we have been looking at Creation and Science and to see if it is conflicting or complimentary.


Year 5 have come up with some questions that either Religion or Science might be able to answer. Be prepared some of them are very deep.

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Questions for Religion to answer!


Is God real?


What is the point of death?


How did the world begin?


When was the Earth made?


Did God make the world in six days?


Why are you religious?


Who made God?


Why do we have war?


Is Jesus still to come?


Is there a religion everyone can follow?


Why do people break the law?


How is Science wrong?


Why are people locked up because of their religion?


Does everyone have a different opinion about Genesis?


Is Jesus a myth?


Questions for Science to answer!


Are dinosaurs the oldest animals?


Is there life after death?


Why do people kill each other?


Were dinosaurs alive at the same time as humans?


Is Science better at explaining things than religion?


What made the universe?


How was the world made?


How old is the Earth?


How many types of animals are there?


Do you believe in the bible?


Does anyone know if we have had a life before this one?


What was the first thing to evolve on Earth?


How does Science know what we need to live?


Why do people die?


Will dogs talk in the future?