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SATs Information




SATs basic facts


We put together the following fact sheet full of information that the children need to know really thoroughly to speed them up when doing SATs paper.



January 2017


If you weren't able to come to the excellent presentation that Mr Carter put together last term, there is a copy of it further down this page.  Do have a read of it and if you have any queries come and talk to either Mr Carter or myself (Mrs Newlin).  Our aim is that the children are so well prepared by May 8th, that they are keen to get on with it and demonstrate their abilities.


To this end we are routinely doing SPAG, Arithmetic and Reading papers each week as part of our normal lessons, so that the process and layout is completely familiar to the children.  Marks are steadily improving from all the children, and this practice, in addition to the weekly homework set from SATs buster booklets, will stand them in good stead.


The biggest factor affecting attainment for Year 6 is attendance, so please make every effort to be in school every day this term.