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School closure gallery

This is a great way to see what everyone else in our class is up to during the week when we can't actually be together at the moment. 

Looks like you enjoyed learning about what lived in the oceans. What wonderful presentation of all your ideas!

Super maths and English work

Oceans and seal spotting!

Amazing research! I would love to go to Peru too.

Look at that country research! It sounds like you had fun crabbing too. I wonder, did you catch many? I heard the tooth fairy has been busy at your house too!

Great use of imperative verbs!

I love that you chose to investigate magnets! What great information. You look like you had fun exploring things around your house.

I'd love a trampoline to do my daily exercise on! You look like you're really enjoying yourself

Fab reading and maths work!

That is a big spider's web! What a lovely idea to make a bird house.

Super life cycle!

Fantastic measuring! Did it taste nice?

Lovely topic work - did you find anything on your walk? What great things to put into a magical box too.

Super English work the last couple of days!

It is so lovely to see you! What a great new space you've got to do your school work.

You have been exploring! You must have looked very carefully to find these tiny insects in their habitats.

This looks like a great celebration! Look at that bunting. You made such an effort and looks like you had lots of fun.

Wow! You were lucky enough to see real medals, what a precious thing to have. It sounds like you have learnt a lot about them too.

Climbing trees like a monkey and learning magic tricks too. I was so excited to hear that you can ride your bike without stabilisers now too - Well done!

More wonderful learning. I loved watching your Prime Minister speech - I think you would make a fantastic future leader!

You wrote a fabulous new story and I can see you used the story mountain to plan it too. Well done!

Look at that bird feeder, I think I need to make one of those for my garden. That is such a super story plan. Those labels on your medal design give so much information, you thought so carefully about your design. Well done!

What a fantastic shoe shop, the price labels are great. Have you started using that amazing calendar you have made? Have you put VE day on it?

Making lunch for you and Mummy, Sounded lovely!

It's so lovely to hear from you, it was a shame I missed speaking to you the other day. It looks like you have been working very hard. Telling the time is tricky to start with but don't give up, it's such an important skill. So is riding your bike, you'll be zooming places in no time!

The elves will be pleased with those new outfits! Some tricky problem solving too.

What a busy day you've had today. I love the 3D shapes you found to make that rocket and so glad you found time after working so hard for a lovely pamper too!

Home made pasta...yum! I've never made pasta before, was it tricky to do?

Measuring and more!

These look interesting, were you painting the shells?

Super maths!

You have been busy today! Measuring, writing and designing.

Great to see you're keeping active! I love your elf too.

More fab crayons from last week, I'm glad they've found a safe home by your window.

Making everyday objects talk!

Investigating colour!

Fantastic number of the day and work from last week

Another lovely welcome to Lily May

What fantastic writing! I loved reading it all and that crayon is great!

Those crayons are getting everywhere!

St George's day lunch...yum!

What a lovely welcome

More wonderful maths!

It's so great to hear you're enjoying the maths with parents and also all those lovely book on Oxford owl

What a lovely place to do your maths work.

You've been busy! Keep up that concentration now, just look what you have achieved!

Yum! Keep going with that fabulous work too!

I'm so pleased to hear you're enjoying the Maths with parents site activities. What a great way to divide!

Wow! What fantastic learning. You worked so hard on this and should be very proud.

You must have a lot of patience to complete these lego models! Outside is my favourite place to read at the moment too.

Fab maths work

Happy Easter to you and your family and everyone else in Year 2 too.

So creative! It looks like you enjoyed making those cakes.

What great learning to see. Creative use of things around your house to help you!

You have been working so hard. I'm so proud that you have kept up working just as hard at home as you do in school.

Wonderful picture! I can't wait to read the story that went with it too.

Celebrating birthdays with a family walk and time to create posters about Maths too!

Oooh a disgusting sandwich recipe! Blackcurrant jam, sticky BBQ sauce and tomato puree to name just a few of the ingredients.

A cheese sandwich, my favourite! Great writing and what lovely art work you have done too.

Has anyone else made their own lunch today? Did you follow the instructions carefully? What did you have in your sandwich?

I wish I could have come to your house for lunch!

Our first week

Fantastic story writing!
Getting creative
Great maths work