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Correction:  Freya tells me that we should be on Ninja Maths Week 4 Day 5 today!

Replacement Books


If you need another book, Mrs Beaver will be at BSM between 3.30 and 3.45pm today Thursday.  If that is not convenient, she is on duty at ABW tomorrow and you can pop in there to collect another book, as she will take some with her from BSM when she leaves today.

Survey about coming back to school:  If you haven't yet done the survey sent out by DSAT you can access it here:- update - sorry about the glitch.. I think my internet may have dropped out when it was uploading and I didn't realise.  Should be all fixed now.   Thank you, you diligent lot!
Well spotted Freya and Abi - I have attached the correct Ninja maths answers!

Dear Parents / Carers,


If your child's exercise book is full and you need a new one, please come into the school's entrance area this Friday, 8th May between 10:30am and 1:30pm to pick up a new exercise book.

Many thanks  


Mrs Newlin

Email update:  Thank you for those who have emailed me on our new class email.  Please can I assume that if you have shared work or photos to me on that email, that I can put it onto our class blog?


Keep the contact coming!


Mrs Newlin

Maths With Parents Update Monday 9.30am


The new Maths with Parents topic won't be released until tomorrow now.  You don't need to do anything for Maths with Parents today, just the White Rose maths on the list for today.

A Gentle Reminder to all playing online games within the class:-


Be kind to each other. 

Remember our school values and treat others how you would like to be treated.