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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'


Autumn 1 - States of Matter

As scientists the children will be exploring different materials, sorting them and developing descriptions of the states of matter; solid, liquid or gas. They will observe that some materials change state when heated or cooled and apply this to their research on the water cycle where water exists in all three states.

Autumn 2 - Sound

This half term our science topic is sound. We will learn that all sounds are made by objects vibrating and that sound can travel through gases, liquids and solids. Investigations into vibrations will include making a string telephone. As part of our learning we will also examine the structure of the ear and identify why sometimes it is important to prevent sounds travelling.

Spring Term 1 - Electricity

This half term our science topic is electricity.

Spring 2 and Summer 1 - Living Creatures

Over these two half terms we will find out how creatures are adapted to their habitats and create our own classification system. We will also learn about endangered animals and the threats to the survival of these different creatures.


1) What does it mean if an animal is endangered?

2) About the orangutan: what food does it eat, what size does it grow to, what different types of orangutan are there, how many are there, what does orangutan mean?

3) Deforestation: why has deforestation taken place, what changes take place when palm oil is produced.

4) Palm oil: what is palm oil, what causes pollution when deforestation takes place

Summer Term 2

This half term our science topic is teeth and the digestive system.