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Self - Isolation Home Learning Resources

General Timetable for Year 1

English Unit for Home Learning

Maths for Home Learning

Below are all the areas of maths that we have looked at recently in Year 1. Please watch the videos before completing the worksheets. These will help to refresh your child's memory in order to access the learning appropriate for the activities.



Each day go over the Phase 3 and 5 sounds (provided below), it might be nice to make your own flashcards as you'll be able to use these even after isolation. Then ask them to spell a few high frequency words from the list below. See if they can add them into their own sentences. To finish, go onto Phonics Play and have a go at reading and identifying real and fake words.

Guided Reading

This is equivalent to listening to your children read and having a conversation about what is happening in the book that they have read. It helps to see if they are understanding what they are reading.


This can be done by asking questions like this:

- How is that character feeling? How do you know?

- What happened in a particular part?

- What does this word mean? Where can we find out? - particularly for non-fiction books

- Before reading the next part, ask them what they think will happen next.


This term we are looking at plants, therefore here are a few activities for you to have a go at while you are isolating at home:


  • Go on a flower hunt around your house or garden, can you name them?
  • What kinds of trees can you see from your window? Are they evergreen or deciduous?
  • Pick a flower to sketch 
  • Identify the different parts of the flower or tree
  • Are you able to grow any plants at home?
  • Have a conversation about what plants need to grow
  • Look at the fruit and vegatables in your house and research where they have come from. Point them out on a map
  • Make some plant based pictures:





This term we are looking at Jesus and the way he showed his friendship to others. Have a look at these bible stories and talk about how easy or hard it was for Jesus to be a good friend. You could also talk about what actually happened in the story and what message it was trying to convey.


Jesus Calms the Storm