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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'


Friday 20th March - Adverbs of Possibility

Friday 13th March - ough words with an ow sound

Friday 6th March - ough words with an aw sound

Friday 28th February - ee spelt ei after c

Friday 14th February - 'ie' after 'c'

Friday 7th February - Challenge Words

Friday 31st January - silent letters

Friday 24th January - silent letters

Friday 17th January - fer

Friday 29th November - ent and -ence after soft c

Friday 22nd November - ance / ancy

Friday 15th November - ant

Friday 18th October - challenge list 1

Friday 11th October - cial and tial

Friday 4th October - cial and tial

Friday 27th September - cial and tial

Friday 20th September - cious

Friday 13th September - ious