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Summer Term Home Learning Gallery

                                                        Monday 20th April

 Do you remember I was wondering about the eggs the girls made well here is what they told me about their creations.

   ''Yes we made salt dough eggs and put them on our Apple tree. We decorated the eggs using nail varnish. We put nail varnish in water and dipped the decorations in  to make different patterns. It was lots of fun! The big pot has peas in. We hope they are not evil peas!''

   What a clever idea to put the nail varnish in water. I am growing some peas too, I will take apicture later to show you how they are getting on.

 Wow! Even more Supertatos. Well done girls they are really good and I can see that you have worked really hard at your writing too what a great effort today.
Goodness me you look like you had so much fun at Easter!!  I thought you had baked yummy biscuits but I think you might have made salt dough  to  make those eggs am I right?They look fantastic and what a great way to decorate your Easter tree. I love the bunnies you made too especially the sock ones they are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us all.
 How lovely to see your home learning - thank you for sending the photos to me. What a super piece of writing and I love your pictures to go with it. I am very impressed with your Supertato you must have worked very hard to make him - well done. Now we must keep a look out for those Evil peas - mwahahaha!!
 Wow! Even more wonderful home learning. You have been working hard today - well done. I love your weather chart you have filled that in really carefully.I think your drawing and writing about Supertato are wonderful and I can see you are really concentrating well - good girl. 
 Another super home learner - well done!! I am very impressed with your writing and what a great Supertato you have made. I can see you are a pattern making expert - a super effort here. Just make sure you watch out for those Evil peas- mwahahaha!!!
 I can see you have had a lovely Easter time - those flowers are very pretty and your fence looks incredible. It is a beautiful rainbow fence.

  Some fantastic maths learning going on - well done!! Lovely to read the comments too - thank you.

' He liked collecting leaves and sticks from outside in the garden. He made sure he had the same amount of leaves and sticks so his counting was really good.

 He  found it easy following mummy's pattern and then he made up his own pattern afterwards which was nice to see.

 H liked that he could choose his own colours to do this task. He followed all instructions well.

He  found this very easy and he showed that in his photo as he carried on his pattern to the end of the paper.'

'She enjoyed guessing the fruit in the bag by its size and shape and  said she found it easy as she knows her fruit well 😊. She liked playing the game with her brother  and mummy.'

 What a lovely piece of writing you have done - good girl !! I think your Supertato is brilliant , what a clever idea to paint him.Now we just need to keep an eye out for those Evil peas!!
 How lovely to see what you have been doing during the Easter weeks. I love the little pompom rabbit and your face painting and headband. You got some yummy Easter eggs too- wonder if you have eaten them all yet.
 I think these Supertatos are wonderful that you and  your Daddy have made - well done! I like your little greenhouse very much and your seeds are growing very well too, you must be looking after them very carefully.

 I hear you were really keen to start your home learning today - well done what a marvellous girl you are!! 

That is a super piece of writing and I knew would produce a fantastic Supertato !! I think they look amazing. Look after Supertato and keep a look out for those Evil peas!!

 You wonderful girl !! What a super piece of writing and I love your Supertato he looks really good - well done!! A great start to your summer term home learning.
 More Easter time fun!! What a super cook you are, chocolate crispy nests and one of my favourites - lasagne!! I absolutely love the Elmers you have made too and I am sure your friends will too.
 What a lovely Easter time you have had. I love the little lambs , you are lucky to be able to go and see them.It looks like you had a super Easter egg hunt too.How interesting to find a slow worm in your compost bin. I think they like compost bins because they can get warm and cosy in there.