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Thursday 11th Feb

Thursday 11th February


Lovely to see so many of you at the reading Zoom yesterday.  We have another one tomorrow (Friday) at 10am again. I know this is hard and sometimes you just want to crawl back into bed, but break it up into manageable chunks each day.  Nearly half term and a virtual disco tomorrow!


Parent Consultations this morning


These will be by Zoom on the following link.


Please try to log in a few minutes before your time slot, and I will admit you from the waiting room at your allocated time slot.  If you are more comfortable with the camera off, then I will do the same.  Mrs Dolman will also be with me and we are looking forward to speaking with you.  


Spelling Shed - 20 minutes minimum


Great extra work on Spelling Shed from Finley and Hubert.  Well done!

I have set you 2 assignments on Spelling Shed, on lists I think you won't have used before.  


After you have played those 2 games, then pick a list you haven't worked on before, such as adjectives to describe characters.



Maths today starts with Fluent in Five, then pages from your Maths question book.


Please do the following pages and then mark them:


P 8 & 9







Now you should have finished writing your Monster report.  Today's task is handwriting it out in neat on a clean page, or a separate piece of lined paper, or  you could use our MONSTER paper below, which you can print out.


We have noticed that some handwriting is getting a little untidy, so this is the chance to just get those letters back on the line and all joined again.  When you have finished send it in - Mrs Dolman is keen to get a display up from this work.  (She chose the monster paper!)

Reading Comprehension based on Secrets of a Sun King





You will see above the Safer Internet Day poster.    Your  task is to design a better poster than this for Safer Internet Day using the slogan from that poster.



Last week, I could see that some of you completed the Charanga lesson, which is just brilliant and shows your diligence.  Let's see if we can get that higher this time.


Charanga login is your initial capital followed by surname with initial capital usually and class password is Torak) go onto Charanga and do Lesson 5 in the New Year carol unit.     Link below for access to Charanga.




Any outdoor or indoor activity for an hour, which involves raising your heart rate and making muscles ache.   Mrs Dolman has suggested a skipping competition - how many skips can you do in a minute?