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Thursday 11th February




Apologies for yesterday's technical difficulties.


It would be amazing to see everyone at this afternoons Whole Class Guided Reading Session.


Here are today's login details:


Whole Class Guided Reading 1.30pm


Meeting Id:     928 5268  1189

Passcode:      R3r7B7



Spelling Shed


There is a spelling test tomorrow and well done to all of you that have been working hard on practising those spellings. But Thursday spelling shed will be a recap, so these spellings will only be online for 24 hours. Can you earn an extra house point by getting to Royal bee in this short period of time?




Today I would like you to attempt the following two tests:


English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2 and Test 3.


Try your best as it will show you which areas you know and which areas you still need further practise on. I would really like to see the results of this work, so either send me it to me via email, or please bring this back in when we return to school.


When you have finished mark each test.



Think back to the video from yesterday.


If you want to re-watch it you will have to go back to yesterday’s page.


If you could have a superpower what would it be?

  • Super strength
  • Fly
  • Invisibility
  • Superior intelligence
  • Invulnerability (can’t be hurt)
  • Telekinesis (move things with just your mind)


These are just some possible super powers.


You wake up one morning to find you have a super power, what do you do? How would your life change?


Write a diary of your day. (One page)


How would you use your super power? Good or Bad!!!


When you have finished this -


Design you own superhero - supervillain, what powers, costume, name would he or she have?





Start todays lesson with five in five.

No help today.


Work through the Unit Review. All of the questions relate to what we have done over the last few weeks.

If you have completed all the questions today go straight onto TT.



TT Rock Stars


This week you have all the numbers from 1 to 12.


Make sure you login so I can check on your progress.



WCGR – The Boy at the Back of the Class


Join us at 1.30 for our Whole Class Guided reading session.





Hopefully you have downloaded your Getset4PE Active Calendar.


Now choose some of the activities from the huge list and have a go, try to pick different ones from last time.




Follow the link below to access our music lesson.


You can now login with your own username and password


Click on Charanga Yuma and put in your username and password.


Once logged in click on the picture – Adele


Now click on launch step 6.


You should listen and appraise Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley



Collective Worship


Go back to the main class page – click on worship and watch the latest story from Open the Book.



Class Story




Chapter 17 is now uploaded and you can listen to it by clicking on the link in the Class novel page.


I will be uploading three further chapters over half-term.


If you haven’t yet listened to the story, it is a fantastic story and you can binge listen to all the chapters so far.