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Blandford St Mary

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Thursday 14th May

I love your caterpillars I would nver have guessed that you would use biscuits , what a great idea and it looks fantastic. Well done both of you and super odds and evens maths too!!
What a lovely colourful caterpillar you have drawn and some super describing words for it too. I absolutely love your pompom caterpillars, it looks like you have made a family of them - they are wonderful. Did you use a special pompom maker for all those pompoms? They are as colourful as the one that you drew  in fact they look like rainbow caterpillars to me!!
I am glad  to hear you are feeling better now. What a fantastic caterpillar I would love to see one of those in my garden!! I am pleased to hear how much you are enjoying the mathematics - well done.
How lovely  to see you working hard on Teach your monster to read and also showing us your super writing and picture. That is a great caterpillar - well done!!