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Thursday 25th February

Welcome to Thursday’s home learning.


As always it was good to see so many of yesterday, but I am counting down the days until we are back in the classroom.


There may not be that many left but don’t forget  you can still send me your work by emailing


Next Thursday is World Book Day.


On this day as usual we will be doing a variety of book related activities.


Advance warning - you will need either a shoe box or a large cereal box + some other cardboard. We will be making a diorama.


Be thinking about your favourite book, make sure you have one in mind.



Spelling Shed


There is a spelling test tomorrow and well done to all of you that have been working hard on practising those spellings. But Thursday spelling shed will be a recap, so these spellings will only be online for 24 hours. Can you earn an extra house point by getting to Royal bee in this short period of time?




Today we will be looking at determiners.

Slide 1 – The Rules –


Determiners are words that come before a noun or noun phrase.


There are two types of determiners - specific and general.

They introduce the noun and give the reader important information about it.



Slide 2 – Specific Determiners – we use these when the reader knows exactly which noun you are referring to.


Bring me the book.


Slide 3 – Demonstrative Determiners – these are also specific.


Bring me that book.


Slide 4 – Possessive Determiners – these relate to the ownership of the noun.


Bring me your book.


Slide 5 – Interrogative Determiners – are used before a noun to ask a question.


Which book do you need at the moment?


Slide 6 – General Determiners – these don’t refer to a specific article


Bring me a book.


Slide 7  and 8 – General Determiners – Quantifiers – these tell the quantity (amount) of something


Bring me some books.


Slide 9 and 10 – Determiners – The tricky bits.


This book is mine.


This is my book.


Slide 11 – Question 1. Copy the sentences down and underline the determiners in each sentence. Be aware that there may be more than one in each sentence.


Slide 12 – Question 2. Copy the sentences down and underline the quantifiers in each sentence. Be aware that there may be more than one in each sentence.


Slide 13 – Question 3. Copy the sentences down and add an ‘a’ or an ‘an’ to each sentence. Say them out loud and you should get them correct.


Slide 14, 15 and 16 - Answers




Review Learning


Today – look at the 4 sentences and decide what each of the words mean.


Main Task.




Please read each of the questions carefully, look at the space provided for each answer, this will give you an idea of the length of answer required.


I’ve included the main text, read this again and if possible have a copy so that you can refer to it if necessary.




Start todays lesson with five in five.

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Begin by watching the video link.

Aut5.11.4 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

This is "Aut5.11.4 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer all of the questions up to question 6.

If you have managed to complete all the questions have a go at today’s challenge.

TT Rock Stars


This week you have all the numbers from 1 to 12.


Make sure you login so I can check on your progress.



WCGR – The Boy at the Back of the Class


If you didn’t manage to join us for our whole class guided reading you will need to read up to and including chapter 7.


Once you have done that you can fill in the following table – it looks at the events in chapter 7 from both the children and Mr Iron’s point of view. Think why these accounts might not be the same.

When you have finished don’t forget to check the meaning of the word raucous.




You should definitely have downloaded your Getset4PE Active Calendar.


Choose some of the activities from the huge list and have a go, try to pick different ones from last time.




Follow the link below to access our music lesson.


You can now login with your own username and password


Click on Charanga Yuma and put in your username and password.


Once logged in click on the picture – Will Smith


Now click on launch step 1.


You should listen and appraise Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will Smith


Collective Worship


Go back to the main class page – click on worship and watch the latest story from Open the Book.



Class Story




Chapter 22 is now uploaded and you can listen to it by clicking on the link in the Class novel page.