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Thursday 4th Feb

It was fantastic to see so many of you at our Guided Reading session yesterday.


Today there is an activity based on what we read.


I’m also moving the release of Brightstorm chapters to coincide with the days we don’t read, so they will ow be on the blog on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.



Spelling Shed


There is a spelling test tomorrow and well done to all of you that have been working hard on practising those spellings. But Thursday spelling shed will be a recap, so these spellings will only be online for 24 hours. Can you earn an extra house point by getting to Royal bee in this short period of time?



Slide 1 – Reported Speech – how to write


Slide 2 – Direct Speech - Inverted Commas - how to write


Slide 3  – Direct Speech – Punctuation inside inverted commas - how to write


Slide 4, 5, 6 – Direct Speech - commas - how to write


Slide 7 – Direct Speech – Punctuation inside inverted commas - how to write


Slide 8, 9 – Direct Speech – Punctuating split direct speech - how to write


Slide 10 – Direct Speech – New Speaker, New Line- how to write


Slide 11 – Reporting Clauses


Slide 12 – Summary


Now complete the task below.



Please only attempt the sections that you are instructed to do.

Below are the sections you will need for today’s lessons.

Now decide on what happens in your wishing story.


There are some ideas on the first page, alternatively you can read the stories at the following two links as they will also give you some different ideas.

Once you have read these two tales, you will need to plan your own story.


Use the boxing up sheet to help plan. Remember each box should have approximately 3 ideas as this will help when you come to write the story tomorrow.





Start todays lesson with five in five.

Please make sure that you attempt up to question 5.


No videos today, but I don’t think you’ll need them.


Advice -  If we were multiplying a two digit number – for example 29, we would multiply by 9 and by 20. So when we are multiplying by a number that has a whole number and a fraction, try considering them as two separate calculations.


Question 1 – So for question one it is 4 x 1 1/5 – so treat them as 4 x 1 and 4 x 1/5. Now the first part is really simple for the second part of the calculation think what you did over the last few days. So 4 x 1/5 = 4 x the numerator / the denominator says the same.


So   4 x 1 = 4

And 4 x 1/5 = 4/5

Now add your two answers together 4 + 4/5 = 4 4/5


Now try 1b, 1c an 1d.


Question 2 – Almost the same except this time the numerators are not 1.


2a) 3 x 8 2/7 =

       3 x 8 = 24

       3 x 2/7 = 6/7

Now add your two answers together:


Now try 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f.


Question 3 – This is a word problem – we need to solve 1 ¾ x 5. Use the same method from question 1 and 2 to now solve this question.


Question 4 – As in question 2 but this time your answer will give you an improper fraction.


4a) 5 x 22/3 =

       3 x 2 = 10

       3 x 2/3= 10/3

Now add your two answers together:


10 and 10/3 – But we need to use our previous knowledge to convert 10/3 into a whole number and a fraction. So how many 3s are in 10 3 remainder 1.

So this part of the calculation is 3 1/3  .


Now add your two answers together:

10 + 3 1/3  = 131/3  


Now try 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f




Question 5 – Normally reversing a multiplication gives us the same answer but this is not the case when adding a fraction to one number.


To prove this solve the following two questions:


5 x 3 2/11 =


3 x 5 2/11 =



If you feel confident then you can attempt questions 6 and 7.


When you have finished you can mark it.

If you have completed all the questions now try some of the problems from the following selection.

TT Rock Stars


This week you have all the numbers from 1 to 12.


Make sure you login so I can check on your progress.



WCGR – The Boy at the Back of the Class


If you didn’t manage to join us for our whole class guided reading which was brilliant. You will need to read chapter 1. You may want to read the chapter again to familiarise yourself with the story.


Once you have done that you can answer the following questions -



Hopefully you have downloaded your Getset4PE Active Calendar – you should have done this last week.


Now choose some of the activities from the huge list and have a go, try to pick different ones from last time.




Follow the link below to access our music lesson.


You can now login with your own username and password


Click on Charanga Yuma and put in your username and password.


Once logged in click on the picture – Adele


Now click on launch step 5.


You should listen and appraise The Way you look tonight by Tony Bennett


Collective Worship


Go back to the main class page – click on worship and watch the latest story from Open the Book.


Mindfulness Activity

Class Story




Chapter 14 is now uploaded and you can listen to it by clicking on the link on the Class novel page.