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Thursday 4th February

Thursday 4th February


Lovely to see so many of you at the reading Zoom yesterday.  We have another one tomorrow (Friday) at 10am again.  You are working so hard: each day of remote learning completed is one day closer to being a lovely Year 6 class together again.  


There is a special Picture News that has been published in response to the death of Sir Tom Moore.  Please read it online (don't print it) and be uplifted.  Your actions can have a huge effect on others for the good, so use those smiles and that resilience today.


Spelling Shed - 20 minutes minimum


Great work on spelling shed from Zac, Rhys, Finley and Olivia-Rose on Monday.  Royal Bees!


Please master your suffixes!  On Spelling Shed. I have set an assignment on Suffixes -er -or & -ar.


After you have played those 2 games, then pick a list you haven't worked on before, such as Grammar Vocabulary words, or Mathematical Vocabulary words.   

English - Professor Behemoth's Monsterology


We started a new Talk for Writing unit last week, which is all in the Monsters booklet which you all have received with your guided reading book pack. 


1.    Listen again to the online version of Swamp Monsters on the link.   Read the text aloud again, performing it to a pet/sibling/parent.  You should be adding actions to help you get to know it.

2.   Read p9 of your booklet, which is Activity 5.  Make sure you know which the topic sentences are in the paragraphs about diet, habitat and appearance.  They are the highlighted purple words on p9.

3.  On page 10, look at the pictures and instructions.  Say aloud topic sentences for a lion, then a swamp monster, then a storm giant.

4.  On lined paper/in a lined book (not on the booklet) write out your topic sentences.  There will be 9 altogether.

5.  Check capitals, and punctuation.  Is that your very best effort?  Have you used magpied words?

6.   Improve each one in blue, then copy it out again more neatly.


Are you proud of it?  Have you got a WOW word in?

Convert metric measures

This is "Spr6.7.2 - Convert metric measures" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

TT Rock Stars


Get ready for a DSAT competition next week.  20 minutes practice today please!



Either 30 minutes quiet, concentrating reading on an age-appropriate book, or on readtheory.  Log your reading in your reading diary.



Last week, I could see that some of you completed the Charanga lesson, which is just brilliant and shows your diligence.  Let's see if we can get that higher this time.


Charanga login is your initial capital followed by surname with initial capital usually and class password is Torak) go onto Charanga and do Lesson 4 in the New Year carol unit.     Link below for access to Charanga.




Any outdoor or indoor activity for an hour, which involves raising your heart rate and making muscles ache.  My suggestions are try yoga for mindfulness or signs of spring spotting down in the meadows.