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Thursday 4th March

Welcome to World Book Day 2021!   


Your free book tokens are waiting at school and will be given out on Monday 8th March, when you are back at school.


You can attempt the activities in any order today. Obviously, our Zoom at 1.30pm and the video is at 10.30am have to be done at the correct time. For the rest it is up to you.

However, I’m not sure you could do activity 4 first!



Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 912 2953 6833

Passcode: 5NWXug


There may not be that many left but don’t forget  you can still send me your work by emailing



Activity 1 (a few minutes)


I asked you to pick a book that you want to look at. This can be:

  • Your favourite story
  • One you know extremely well
  • One you used to like


Activity 2 (a couple of hours – to do it well)


Create a Picture Book Theatre.

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Lydia Monks

HOW TO CREATE A PICTURE BOOK THEATRE WITH LYDIA MONKSWorld Book Day is all about sharing stories - so why not share them in lots of ways?! Lydia Monks shows ...

Before you begin you will need a box – you can then watch the video above where author and illustrator Lydia Monks shows you how to make a picture book theatre. Don’t forget that you will need to make some characters for your performance. You will also need to draw some scenery – think will the background need to change?


Activity 3 (between 30 – 60 minutes) – Aim for 2 -3 sides – this may seem like a lot but one page will only give you around 30 seconds. If you have the book, you can use it to see exactly what the characters say.


Write a Playscript for your picture book theatre.


Remember when you write a pay, you don’t need to use speech marks.


Here is a demo one to show you how it should be set out.


Setting: The students are in their charm class; they have to use a spell to make feathers levitate. Harry, Ron and Hermione are working as a group.


Harry:              We need to figure out how to do this!


Ron:                 Whenever we try it, it nothing works!


Hermione:       Well it’s obviously, because you’re not saying it properly!


Ron:                 (sarcastically) why don’t you try it, Miss. Granger.


Hermione:       (spitefully) No. I’m researching a spell, why don’t you try Mr. Weasley!


Ron:                 Wingardium Leviosa!


Some ideas are put in brackets, this helps show the person playing the part how it should be said / acted.


Activity 4 (Unknown – 5-10 minutes – maybe more)


Put on the play using your playscript and your picture book theatre. It would be amazing if you could film the performance and then send me the videos.


Activity 5 (10.30am – don’t be late)


Watch the following:

World Book Day 2021: SHARE A STORY LIVE: Words and Pictures

THIS FREE EVENT WILL GO LIVE ON THURSDAY 4th MARCH AT 10.30AM**Words and Pictures: Bringing Books To LifeStarring Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers, Tom Fletch...

Thursday 4th March, 10.30am – World Book Day special – Bringing Reading to Life

Starring: Joseph Coelho & Fiona Lumbers, Tom Fletcher and Lydia Monks and special guest Rob Biddulph
Hosted by Nigel Clarke, TV presenter


Activity 6 (1.30pm – don’t be late)




This is your chance to show off those costumes – we will also be having a Book Day Quiz as well as some other games. Plus your chance to tell me which one of the Masked Readers I am.


Activity 7 (10-15 minutes)


Book marks with Rob Bidulph.


Decorate some or all of the bookmarks. If you bring them to school next week, I will laminate them for you.


Activity 8 (As long as you want)


Spend some time reading – it is world book day.


Class Story




Chapter 29 is now uploaded and you can listen to it by clicking on the link in the Class novel page.