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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Tuesday 12th May

 Super home learning girls. What a good idea to put  a blanket under your black currant bush and shake  it to see what minibeasts you could find. You  found lots of woodlice, two black ladybirds with red dots and a snail. Did you put them in that lovely bug house I can see.

You find so many interesting things in your garden!! An  ants nest in the compost bin a huge spider and a maybug.I wonder if any of them will go into your bug house that you put up. It sounds as if you are enjoying being out in your garden too.I  hear you did lots of counting today as well - good girl!! 

Another day of super home learning from you  - good girl!! I thought you might be interested in the arrays  and what a good idea to try making them with different numbers too. I hear you found lots of interesting minibeasts in the garden,  millipedes, spiders, woodlice and worms. I should think they will be very happy in that lovely  milk bottle bug house you have made.Well done! 
Your Mummy told me you put lots of effort into your writing today and I can see that - it is wonderful work from both of you. You went on a lovely walk didn't you and the views are amazing.I can see that you found all sorts of good things in the woods for your bug house , I wonder what will come and live in it.
I love the fact that you are so happy - thank you for sending this to me today.  That is a super  picture of Wizard Lizard too - well done.Your bug house looks really good, I wonder what will creep inside it!!I have seen some cygnets too, I wonder if it was the same ones.