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Blandford St Mary

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'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Tuesday 21st April

 I love this , what a great idea to dress up like Supertato. I really like your mask too, it is wonderful. Thank you for sending this to me.

 You are going to be such a wonderful reader when we get back to school I am so pleased to see you practising your reading - well done! You have also been playing games on Teach you Monster to read which is a great way to also improve your reading. You have written a super sentence  and I love your posters. I am very impressed with your trap, I know how much you like making things - I can see some numbers on it does that mean there is secret code to get into the trap!!

Well done you always put o much effort into your home learning it is wonderful to see. By the way I had my lunch in my garden today too - it was lovely and sunny.

 How lovely to see your home learning. I am glad you like the story I expect your Nanny loves all your work I know I do !!

I thought you would be busy inventing a super trap for those evil peas - you have come up with a very cunning plan! I think you're right I bet  the peas would LOVE a disco and how clever to disguise the trap inside to make it look like a disco ball , I think if I was an Evil pea I would go to that disco!! You will have to let us know if it works when you check tomorrow morning.I am very impressed with your writing, what perseverance to have a second attempt  and you improved it second time round - what a super boy you are!

I can't wait to see what happens in your trap tonight!!



 Wonderful patterns today girls and I like your poster. I can see your peas are starting to grow now - hopefully they won't be Evil peas!!
  What wonderful work from today !! I am glad you loved hunting for the different fruits and vegetables and your poster is super , that was kind of your mummy and brother to help you wasn't it. That is good to hear that you are practising your speech therapy work too - well done.That cakes looks absolutely delicious I am not surprised to hear that you ate all the choclolate  I think I might have done that too!! Well done for all your super effort your mummy must be very proud of you.


 Gosh you did go for a long walk didn't you! You told me you saw four horses, two cows, a butterfly and lots of beautiful blossom on the trees. I think you have done a great job on your weather chart, your writing is super and I can see you are concentrating really hard on it - well done! Your poster is great too. I love your bug hotel isn't that super, I can't wait to see where you are going to put it in your garden. I wonder what bugs will come and live in it. Enjoy the sunshine.
 You are such a good girl for working so hard and so quickly!! You have done lots of lovely work this morning. I am so impressed with your writing, I can even see you are doing some lead ins on your letters - well done!! I think your poster is super and I like your fruit and vegetable poster. Which ones are your favourites? You told me you love the subitising song - it is fun isn't it!!.