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Tuesday 23rd February

Handwriting Practice - copy out Ozymandius

Ozymandius English task



We continue with revision of topics already covered, using our Maths SATs Question Books.


p55 & p 56 Units and Conversions

Greater Depth Rapid Reasoning challenges

Spelling Shed


I have set you 3 assignments on spelling shed to do with prefixes and suffixes (which you were doing yesterday as part of your grammar!)



Either 25 minutes spent on or 25 minutes quiet personal reading from a book at your correct reading level.  If you choose to read a book, please log it in your diary.  If you have Nessy, you should do that instead.

You will need to download this quiz, which is a Powerpoint quiz, in order to be able to click on the correct answers and check your understanding of the lesson on organs.   It is not designed to be printed out!