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Tuesday 2nd Feb

Hi everyone. It was great to see so you all again on Zoom yesterday. Remember we now have Zoom sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Boy at the Back of the Class please try to do so today.


Please keep sending your work to me at:


Today's work


Grammar - SPAG MAT - Your child should know which star they normally complete.

Once they have finished they can mark their own.



Please read the instructions carefully and only do the pages that you are asked to do; click on the link below and this will open just the pages you need today.


Closer Reading


This activity wants you to look more closely at the opening of the story. Re-read the opening, thinking carefully about the words that the author has used.


The highlighted words are words the author has used to tell us what Jack and Sarah are like.


From this a WAGOLL has been done for you about Jack.

Your turn is to just use this brief passage to tell me about Sarah. Aim for at least three detailed sentences.


Next we look at the same passage again, but this time thinking about the difference between the outside and the inside. Write one very detailed sentence or two shorter sentences about each area.


Creating a mood with a sentence of 3 (a)


The author has tried to include three things so that it builds up description. Look at the examples and use these to magpie for inspiration.


Now it is your turn write about outside. Your task is to complete 3 sentences – each sentence with three parts to it. Hint – the weather does not have to be the same in each sentence.


Here is my go:


Outside,  a hot sun melted ice creams, made the plants wilt and all that time children could be heard splashing in paddling pool.






Look at the following sentences:


La Terre est une planète assez chaude.

La Terre est assez près du soleil.    


The French phrase for because is ‘parce que’. 


Parce que La  Terre  est  une  planète assez chaude.


Last week you wrote a single sentence about each planet.


Choose 3 planets and this time write your sentence with Parce que in front of it.


Practise saying them out loud.





Start todays lesson with five in five.

Multiply Fractions by an Integer


Please make sure that you attempt up to question 5.


When you have watched the videos you can attempt the work.

Question 1 2 2 21

Question 2 2 2 21

Question 3 2 2 21

Question 4 2 2 21

Question 5 2 2 21

If you feel confident then you can attempt questions 6 and 7.


When you have finished you can mark it.

If you have managed to complete all of the questions then questions then attempt the questions on the sheet below:

Spelling Shed


This week’s spelling list is silent letters at the beginning of words  today spend a little time practising them for your test on Friday. Make sure you know them all and aim to get to Royal Bee. 




Choose a book that you have at home and read for at least 20 minutes. When you have finished choose one sentence that you have read.


Answer the following questions:


  • From this I can infer (what does the sentence make you think)
  • This sentence is very revealing because (how does it move on the story, or what does it tell us about a character)
  • The impact on me as a reader is (what did it make you think when you were reading)
  • Evidence that supports my view can also be found (is there anything else in the story which backs up your ideas)



What is the Universe and What is it made from?


Click on the following link and follow the instructions.

You can attempt the quiz to see what you can remember form the previous lesson.


Please watch the video and attempt any activity identified within the lesson.


At the end of the lesson you should be able to say what the universe is, we will learn about galaxies and the milky way, the big bang and will finish with an investigation.


Mindfulness Activity


Please check with parents before rearranging furniture etc. Also make sure that you tidy up after yourself.