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Tuesday 2nd February

This week is Children's Mental Health Week, 1st - 7th February.


Open the - One Piece at a Time document.


Follow the instructions for your puzzle.


English - The Information Toolkit


Activity 3 talks about the Information Toolkit.  Read this page.

Can you now find examples of these in the Swamp Monsters text?  You need to reread the Swamp Monsters text on page 4.


1.  Opening hook - which word or phrase is it?

2.  Make a list of the technical or specific vocabulary  (I found 18 technical words)

3. List the formal language used.  (I could find 14 phrases)

4. List the warnings and fascinating facts given.

5. Make a list of the adverbials (may not be just fronted adverbials but start with those)

6. Copy out the quotation from an expert.


Activity 4

Now complete Activity 4.  Most of you should be able to do the challenge at the bottom or rewriting the formal/informal sentences the other way round.





Today I have set "Flashback" questions which aim to help you revise all of the % unit.  There are 10 slides, 4 questions on each, with the answers on the next slide.  Set yourself a timer of 40 minutes and see how many you can do and mark in that time.




Spelling Shed and Readtheory


15 minutes on each



We continue with our unit on Humans and Animals over Time.  Last week, you looked at the fossil record and how fossils can show the history of evolution.  In this lesson, we will look at how humans have changed over time and use the theory of evolution to explain these changes.






Just a reminder that you should be reading at least 3 times a week out loud for 20 minutes to your adult, and having your diary signed still.