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Tuesday 2nd March

Hi everyone. It was great to see so you all again on Zoom yesterday. Remember we now have Zoom sessions on Monday, Wednesday and this week on Thursday.


Numbers are dropping a little, so please join us especially on World Book Day!

Please keep sending your work to me at:



Today's work


Grammar - SPAG MAT - Your child should know which star they normally complete.

Once they have finished they can mark their own.


What other rare, not yet discovered, creature could you write about?


First, let's create a new animal to explore. If you have access to the Internet, type this into Google:

Either print or draw a picture. It is important that you have a picture as it will help you with the following task.


Now Box up using the following sub-headings:

  • Name of animal
  • What is it? Introduction
  • Appearance – What does it look like?
  • Habitat – Where does it live?
  • Diet – What does it eat?
  • Talents – What can it do?
  • Fascinating Fact



Recap the months by completing the wordsearch.

For each of the seasons write a sentence telling me what the weather might be like:


En hiver il fait froid.


This means in winter it is cold.


Write out 4 sentences - one for each season.




Start todays lesson with five in five.

Area of a Rectangle

Begin by watching the video link:

Aut5.12.2 - Area of rectangles

This is "Aut5.12.2 - Area of rectangles" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Answer the questions up to at least question 6.

If you have managed to complete all the questions then try the following: If you don’t normally try the challenges have a go at today’s it really isn’t that hard and you might enjoy it.

Spelling Shed


This week’s spelling list has ‘ei’’ after ‘c’, today spend a little time practising them for your test on Friday. Make sure you know them all and aim to get to Royal Bee. 


Whole Class Guided Reading


Chapter 8 Activity


Apostrophe’s for Possession





Paper Rocket Launcher

How to make a Paper Rocket Launcher with Institute of Imagination

In this video, we explore the power of flight with a simple paper rocket launcher that you can make at home with every day materials.Watch the video through ...

Last week you made and tested the space rocket.


Today you are going to write up your experiment.



You should have thought about this last week before starting the experiment. What did you think would happen.



This should just be a list of all the equipment you used. The point of this is so that if someone else wants to repeat the experiment they know what they will need to use.



This is what you did. It should be a step by step guide. The more detailed you can make this the better.

The point of this is so that if someone else wants to repeat the experiment they know what they will need to do.

I would suggest that this needs probably at least 6 steps and may take even more.



This is what happened. For our results in this experiment it will be an observation. Did it work? Did you try it more than once?



What did you find out. First try to answer your hypothesis – did it work? If you repeated the experiment can you say why you did it more than once.




Chapter 27 is now available to watch.