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Tuesday 5th May

This is so exciting that the beans are starting to grow. Do you think you can see the root or the shoot? I don't think mine have started growing yet. I can see you have worked really hard today girls, the maps and lifecycles are super. Great effort today - well done!!
Mummy tells me you worked really hard today and you must have worked speedily too because you also had time to help your sister make that magnificent cake!! I think you and your sisters might need to open a cake shop. Your work is lovely today and I can see you have put in lots of effort - what a super girl you are.
Wow you two have been really busy again and you had time to make cakes too!! I love how you made your farm maps, what agreat idea to use your stickers and to cut pictures out. I think you have done your ladybird lifecycles very carefully and I can see some lovely writing too - well done both of you a super effort today!!
Well done for working hard at your doubling - keep practisng and soon you will know them all!! What  a super farmyard map and ladybird lifecycle. You've worked really hard today - well done!!
 Thank you so much for getting in touch with me how absolutely lovely to get these pictures from you, it is wonderful to see you looking so happy at home working hard with your brother to make this wonderful farmyard and I can even see the ladybird in it too.Your writing and drawing is excellent and I can see how much effort you have put into this - what a good boy you are. Keep up the super home learning!!

A lovely lifecycle and farmyard map - well done. Mummy told me you can't believe that ladybirds are actually beetles well I have found out why they are beetles and it is because they  have two special features

 1.hard forewings (elytra) that cover the abdomen and meet centrally without overlapping;

2. biting mouthparts.

How lovely to see you here. Thank you for the pictures - you've done some super work here well done.