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Tuesday 9th Feb

Internet Safety


As we work towards Safer Internet Day on Thursday, please read, think about and talk through with your adult the answers to these questions.  The aim is to make you safe and your family to know which sites you regularly access.





Today it is time to start writing your Monsterology extract for Professor Behemoth's Monsterology.  This will be done over 2 days and then copying up on Thursday this week.  If you didn't do yesterday's work, you will need to complete that first, as it feeds into the writing today.


Today you should write the 1st three paragraphs.  To help you with your writing, you have all these tasks you have completed already:


The original text about monsters

The toolkit

Your ideas page

Your annotated diagram

The Vocabulary learned from the model

And most importantly, your plan.


Draft your ideas on one piece of paper in rough and edit it so you really like the words you have chosen.  Read it through with a fresh pair of eyes or read it to someone else to help you spot the errors.  Then copy onto your lined paper (but this is still not the final copied-up version that I need to see).


(If you don't send this in on Friday this week, then bring it to school when we return, as I need these completed pieces of English writing.)

Spr6.7.5 - Imperial measures

This is "Spr6.7.5 - Imperial measures" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now go on TTRS and beat year 4 please!  This is instead of a Greater Depth reasoning extension problem in maths.   



I can tell that I have some budding linguists in my class, by some of the French being sent in.  Well done Finley Stimpson on your French work this half of term, and for sending it in to me so neatly written out.


Saying your name, age and birthday and describing yourself

In this lesson, we will put together everything we have learnt so far using the verbs avoir and être.

Now you have a choice of task.  


If you have a printer, you can print out the vocabulary game below. 


If not, you can record yourself saying the paragraph describing yourself in French, which is in the last 2 minutes of the online lesson.   Listen back, then compare your accent with the online lesson.





What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?

In today's lesson, we will learn about some of the impacts that humans have on life on this planet. We will look at pollution, global warming, hunting and deforestation. We will learn what happened to the dodo bird and about some amazing organisations that are working hard to ensure that other species do not become extinct.





Last week saw 128 quizzes completed by the class on readtheory by just 10 people.  Can we double that this week?


If you have Nessy, that should be your priority - every day if possible.  Well done to Zac, who has made HUGE reading progress this month.



Collective Worship


If you haven't watched the Collective Worship from our CEO, Mark Lacey, click on the cross icon and watch it please