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Wednesday 10th Feb



Sorry for the loss of connection during our reading Zoom today and thank you to Mrs Kennett for keeping it all going from the Year 6 classroom.  You were all very patient, even when the sound was breaking up and you couldn't hear each other.


I will be in school for our Friday Zoom, so hopefully the internet will be more stable there.

Parent Consultations this afternoon


These will be by Zoom on the following link.


Please try to log in a few minutes before your time slot, and I will admit you from the waiting room at your allocated time slot.  If you are more comfortable with the camera off, then I will do the same.  Mrs Dolman will also be with me and we are looking forward to speaking with you.  

Whole Class Guided Reading Zoom lesson


We will be having guided reading of Secrets of a Sun King over Zoom today at 10am.  You will need your brand new copy of the book Secrets of a Sun King and be able to read clearly into a microphone.  We wil start at p42 and my aim is to hear everyone read today in pairs.


Topic: Year 6 guided reading lesson
Time: Feb 10th, 2021 10:00 AM London

Meeting ID: 816 5741 6106
Passcode: m1z9ry


Year 6, as I get this ready, you are in the lead from our school, with a tussle for top position between 2 certain children.  Please spend at least 10 minutes on it today, being as accurate as you can.


PE with Joe Wicks 9am




Today your writing should take you 40 minutes, if you take your time and do it properly.  It is time to finish writing your Monsterology extract for Professor Behemoth's Monsterology.  This is the 2nd day and then you will be copying up tomorrow.  If you didn't do yesterday's work, you will need to complete that first, as it feeds into the writing today.


Today you should finish your writing.  This may be another 2 or 3 paragraphs depending on your plan and ideas..  To help you with your writing, you have all these tasks you have completed already:


The original text about monsters

The toolkit

Your ideas page

Your annotated diagram

The Vocabulary learned from the model

And most importantly, your plan.


Draft your ideas on one piece of paper in rough and edit it so you really like the words you have chosen.  Read it through with a fresh pair of eyes or read it to someone else to help you spot the errors.  Then copy onto your lined paper (but this is still not the final copied-up version that I need to see).


(If you don't send this in on Friday this week, then bring it to school when we return, as I need these completed pieces of English writing.)




Start with Ninja Maths Week 4 Day 1 from your booklets.  Answer sheet below.


Maths for the rest of this week is revision and consolidation, based on long division, decimals, fractions, percentages and long multiplication.  All this will be from your KS2 Maths SATs question book CGP Age 10-11.  The answers are in the back of the book.


Key Stage Two Maths question book

P6  Decimals

P17 & 18 Multiplying & Dividing by 10,100 & 1000

P19 Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals


I have set you 2 assignments on today on subject/verb agreement and synonyms/antonyms. 


If you have Nessy go on that instead of


There is an excellent game on internet safety created by the people behind Be Internet Legends, which teaches you lessons about being safe online.







Picture News this week is all about tree planting.  Read Picture News Paper and Resource 2 then answer these questions.

What you already know about trees? Do you know about different types and what we need them for?
Are there many trees near where you live?  What variety are they?

Scientists have said that it is important that places where new trees are planted need to be
carefully planned, why do you think this may be the case?