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Wednesday 10th February

Apologies to all who could not get on today.


I asked the children who were present and they all agreed that we should do our Zoom tomorrow.


So it will be at 1.30 tomorrow afternoon.


Here is the code:


928 5268  1189





I've double checked it.


I will put the code on again tomorrow, just wanted to give you advance warning.




Remember you can send me your work by emailing



Mental Arithmetic


Have a go at today’s mental arithmetic. There are 14 questions. It should not take longer than 30 minutes. When you have finished, use the answer sheet to mark your own. From this week the answers are now on the back page of the sheets.

PE – Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks continues his daily exercise routines. Today either spend 20 minutes doing his latest workout or go onto the getset4PE and choose a couple of activities.




Video – Titanium

Watch the video

David Guetta Feat. Sia - Titanium

Music by David Guetta feat. Sia Director: David Wilson Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera Production Company: Iconoclast Service Production Co. in Montreal: Voyous Films Staring Ryan Lee as the boy.

Questions to think about – not to answer.

Watch the first minute, what has happened?


What has caused this? Why?


How is the boy presented in the first scene, how does this change?


Today’s task.


Use the video to write a story.


You have three choices – either:

a) Write a story from what happens in the video

b) Write a story from what happens next

c) Write a story to include what happens in the video and what happens next.


Use the video as your plan.


Remember that your story needs to have a problem.


It also needs to be at least one and half pages long. Can you challenge yourself to write two sides.


I am particularly interested in your use of paragraphs.


There are lots of scene changes and everyone of these should be a new paragraph.


I look forward to reading your finished stories.





Start todays lesson with five in five.

Please make sure that you attempt up to question 6.


Today’s questions will use all of the things you have learned about over the past few weeks.


Question 1 – Firstly convert into a mixed number. So solve 107 ÷ 5. This should be enough once you have done this you should be able to show which number is greater.


Question 2 – We are looking at equivalent fractions. Remember what we do to the numerator we do to the denominator. So we are looking for an equivalent fraction for 1/3.


The numerator gives us 1 + 5, this equals ?

The denominator will need to be three times as large.


Question 3 – Use the cards to make the number closest to 4. To do this we will need to make an improper fraction. So the numerator will need to be larger than the denominator. You will need to choose a number that is almost 4 times larger.


Question 4 –if 2/5 are boys then how many will be girls. Use this number to solve the first part of the question, divide 40 by the denominator and then multiply by the numerator.


Now you know how many girls there are. To find the number of girls playing football you will need to divide your answer by 8.

Question 5 – For a) simply double the number in the speech bubble.


Now use this number – divide by 7 and then multiply by 2.


Question 6 –


So a ¼ of the green pencils are blunt. The answer is 5. So to find out how many green pencils there are multiply 4 by 5.


It says there are 20 more – so add 20 to you answer. This is the total number of red pencils.


So now take this  answer ? divide it by 10 and then multiply by 3.


This is your total of red blunt pencils.



If you feel confident then you can attempt questions 7, 8, 9 and 10.


When you have finished you can mark it.

If you have managed to complete all of the questions then questions then attempt the questions on the sheet below:

Challenge - Fraction Word Problems


Today’s activity is based on all aspects of Spag. There are 25 questions


As there are a lot of questions 70% or above = 1 house point, 90% or above = 2 house points, 100% = 3 house points.



Guided Reading


Please make sure you have your copy of – The Boy at the Back of the Class and login to our Guided Reading Zoom session.




Internet Safety


Use today’s computing lesson to play on internet legends.

Click on the link below:

Although this is a game, there is a serious side to it. With all your time online remember to stay safe.





On the main class page is a link to picture news. Click on the Picture News - newspaper and have a read.


Have a look at the other sections.


When you are ready click on the one that says Learning From Home. There are 6 ideas – choose 3 of them to have a go at. You can choose from:


  • Imagine you are in a forest or wood. Create a setting description
  • Estimate the age of a local tree. Can you create a timeline of events that have happened in your tree’s lifetime?
  • Split a piece of paper into four, one section for each season. Draw what a deciduous tree would look like in each season.
  • Design your very own tree house!
  • Use home resource 1 to order and measure some leaves.
  • Different parts of the world have different trees. Where might you find a rainforest? Can you name a type of tree found on each continent?



The learning at home page has more details for each task.