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Blandford St Mary

Church of England Primary School

'Knowing we are loved, we learn and grow to be the best that we can be.'

Wednesday 20th May

What lovely writing and drawing today. I am so iinterested in all those caterpillars I wonder what type they are. I wil have to try and find out!!
Super work here from you both. I like the clocks you made  and I love the list of kind things to do. I know what kind children you are so I am sure it was easy for you to think of those ideas!!
You look like you are having great fun with the phonics game, perhaps next time you can write words for your daddy and he can find the objects!! More lovely drawing and writing again and much kinder words for the ladybirds to say to each other!!

What a lovely dress. I thought it looked spotty like the ladybirds but actually when I put my glasses on I could see it was apples (I think!!)

What a lovely peice of writing about the ladybirds and I can see you loved the phonics game today , maybe you could try and write some words for Mummy next time!! That is a super clock, can you tell the time now?

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful , what a lovely thing to do for Mrs Peters and me.